The future of automotive direct mail

Direct mail marketing is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years. In fact, a study performed by Statista projects that the direct mail marketing industry will account for up to $10.1 billion in the U.S. by the year 2024.1

That’s billion with a “b.”

With that kind of forecast, any dealership, autobody shop, or automotive business should feel good about the future of direct mail. That’s why it’s important to incorporate direct mail into your advertising campaign. Not only does it complement your digital strategy, but it also fills the need for more tangible and accessible marketing materials—and that’s where the team at Aspen Automotive can help.

Let’s take a look at some predictions and benefits of direct mail going forward!


Direct mail has always been and always will be an effective strategy for reaching leads and customers—even those who are more digitally inclined. So, it’s no surprise that direct mail marketing offers strong projections in the years to come.

For example, one study from the United States Postal Service (USPS) revealed that an overwhelming majority of millennials go through their mail. Plus, this generation of consumers is more likely to read their mail and tell others about it, too. Just look at these projections:

  • Direct mail revenue expected to account for $10.1 billion by 20241
  • 84 percent of millennials look through their mail2
  • 77 percent of millennials pay attention to direct mail advertising2

Speaking of the USPS, they have some great offers that’ll make your direct mailing campaign more cost-effective. They even offer a 2 percent discount for incorporating cutting-edge tech into your mailers.3 What kind of tech? Let’s find out!


To get the most out of your direct mail marketing strategy, you want to incorporate your materials into a larger campaign. A good way to modernize your campaign is to make sure it’s equipped with lots of user-friendly and easily accessible technologies.

In the future of direct mail, you can count on several industry advancements to take direct mail where it’s never gone before. By using technologies such as augmented reality (AR), QR codes, and microsites, you can add another level of interest and audience engagement to your direct mail piece. Let’s see what each one of them has to offer.

Augmented Reality

You’ve probably heard of virtual reality, but what’s augmented reality? Instead of strapping on a headset to go into a digital world, your customers can use your direct mailer to bring something digital into the real world. All your customers have to do is use their smartphone or tablet to see a digital element that’s been laid onto the surface of your direct mailer.

Augmented reality can also be used to enhance the customer experience by looking at things as if they’re right there in front of them. For example, Home Depot has used augmented reality marketing to help customers see how different home renovations would look before they ever break out a hammer or paintbrush.

When it comes to automotive marketing, you could try something as simple as a 3D offer, or give customers a virtual tour of your showroom or inside a specific car.

QR Codes & PURLs

The future of automotive direct mailWhile QR codes are already a part of direct mail marketing, there’s no doubt that they’ll be a big part of mailers in the future, too. Every QR code offers an opportunity for someone to redeem an offer or learn more about your business. The same can be said for personalized URLs (PURLs). These quick links are customized for the recipient. That makes the whole experience feel more authentic.

Both methods are an easy way to get people engaged. Customers can schedule service in seconds, enroll in loyalty programs, schedule a test drive, or enter a contest just by tapping their phone a few times. The possibilities are endless!


A microsite is a webpage that’s short and to the point. It’s tailored toward specific offers and services, so your customers can quickly take action. Microsites should be both an extension of your website, as well as standalone sites that are focused on one specific product, service, or offer. They’re also the perfect place for a PURL or QR code to take people to.

Triggered Mail

The future of automotive direct mailFollowing up is a great way to continue to build that connection with customers. Luckily, technology can help with that, too. With triggered mail, an email or direct mail follow-up can be set up as soon as the recipient takes action.

Think about how much easier that would make things for you. The moment one of your customers signs up for a rewards program or scans a QR code, their next offer will be automatically cued up. It’s a perfect tool for keeping track of your leads and longtime customers, as well as helping you stay in touch with anyone who is enrolled in a loyalty program or mailing list.

Informed Delivery®

Informed Delivery® is a service that lets people preview their mail from their phone. It’s a useful service for people who work long hours or who are on vacation, but you can also use it to benefit your business. Since it shows the outside of the mailer, it’s best paired with postcards, since they aren’t hidden by an envelope. A fun, dynamic postcard is sure to get your customers’ attention. Plus, they’ll get to see it twice, which can help your return on investment (ROI).

Benefits of Using Technology in Direct Mail

The future of automotive direct mail

Thanks to these innovative tools, you can create a more interactive experience for everyone who receives something in the mail. This builds a stronger connection with both leads and existing customers, which can help you grow your business. Some of the benefits that come with embracing technology in your direct mail campaign include:

  • More user-friendly experience
  • More convenient customer engagement
  • Higher response rate and ROI
  • Better data and more accurate analytics
  • Easier to establish your reputation as a cutting-edge company

Making it easy to get people engaged should boost your response rate. Plus, with faster, more accurate data, you can learn which campaigns, colors, and messaging work best. It can even help you personalize future mailings to longtime customers.

On top of that, the time you take to add an augmented reality aspect to your direct mailer, or even a simple QR code to a postcard, will convince your audience that you’re committed to providing them with cutting-edge options and quality customer service.

Aspen Automotive can help you combine the powers of direct mail and digital advertising. By using technology to put these two mediums together, our team can create a more memorable experience and position you as a leader at the forefront of the industry.

The result? A better bottom line and increased profit for your company year after year.


Now that we’ve gazed into the future and looked at what lies ahead for direct mail marketing, it’s time to build your strategy around these emerging ideas and technologies. Putting them in your campaign is as simple as contacting our experienced team at Aspen Automotive.

We keep our finger on the pulse of direct mail. With our help, you’ll reap the many benefits of this lead-generating, revenue-boosting marketing strategy, and drive more traffic through the doors of your showroom. To get started, all you have to do is contact us today!