Social media strategies for automotive

Incorporating social media into your automotive marketing campaign is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. To drive customer engagement, showcase your inventory and services, and grow your business, you need to post on social media. To help you log on and get active, Aspen Automotive took a closer look at some of the best auto social media strategies.

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From being a way to stay in touch with old friends to finding out about events to how we shop, social media has revolutionized the world. Putting a social media strategy into your campaign is the only way to keep up. Just look at how widespread social media is and how it can boost your automotive business:

  • 72 percent of Americans use at least one form of social media1
  • 78 percent of consumers say that they find social media useful when it comes to buying a car2

With that kind of overwhelming usage, social media is one of the best ways to get your name out there, build brand awareness, and engage directly with customers.


Choosing a social network of automotive advertisingSocial media spans so many platforms. It includes witty Tweets, eye-catching photographs, informative videos, and so much more. While some are designed for specific types of content, others can be used for all kinds of different posts. Some of the social media platforms you should familiarize yourself with and use in your strategy include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • YouTube

While YouTube and TikTok are very different platforms, they’re both designed for videos. You can also share videos on Instagram, but its bread and butter is photos. Facebook and Twitter can be used to share videos, pictures, and text.

What is one thing that all of these social media platforms have in common? They can be used to showcase your inventory and services and connect with your customers.


When you send out direct mail or post a blog on your website, that content is carefully crafted. Social media posts are just as important. Whether it’s a Tweet, a caption on a photo, or a longer Facebook post, that content has to be as creative and engaging as your mailers have been.

Keep in mind who you’re targeting with your posts, too. Just like mailers being sent to a targeted audience, social media platforms have their own audience. Aspen Automotive can assist with market research, so you’ll know which platforms to use to reach specific demographics.


Another way you can tailor your social media posts is to switch things up. Don’t post the same content all the time. Instead, give your followers a full picture of what kinds of vehicles you offer and what kinds of services they’ll find at your dealership. Some of the things you can share include:

  • Photos and videos of vehicles
  • Sales, promos, and exclusive offers
  • Service and maintenance reminders
  • Holiday wishes
  • News on local events


Using hashtags for automotive marketingA hashtag is a great way to increase your chances of trending on Twitter and having interested people find you on Facebook and Instagram. What was once known as the pound sign (#) is now a powerful tool to increase your social media profile. It allows anyone scrolling through social media to find you, whether they’re following you or not.

One of the best ways to use hashtags is to see what’s already trending. If there’s a new, fun challenge that’s making the rounds, an upcoming holiday, or just a brand name or location that’ll get you noticed, feel free to add it to your post.

Another smart move is to create your own unique hashtag. Adding a one-of-a-kind hashtag that celebrates an event or a promotion that you’re running is a simple way to stand out and build your brand.


Your social media presence should be consistent across all platforms. Different tones can be confusing. Sharing content with the same voice is a good way to establish your brand. To really keep things constant, share content that’s written in the same tone as the blog posts and content on your website.


There’s nothing that makes your business look better than a happy customer. To prove to your potential buyers that you’re the dealership to visit, ask satisfied customers to post about it. Leaving a positive review on Facebook or posting a selfie standing in front of their new car is great PR for you and your business. You can even offer them an incentive post about the good service they’ve received.

Your customers’ posts will likely be seen by prospective customers further down the line. That kind of favorable image on social media can move leads along in their buyer’s journey. The result? More people coming to your website and your dealership.


In addition to getting good reviews, social media also gives you an opportunity to communicate directly with customers. Replying to comments or going live on Facebook or Instagram can be both fun and informative.

On top of answering questions, you should also use the comments section as a way to reply to customers who had a bad experience. Showing that you’re willing to listen to them and offering to make things right will uphold your image as a provider of stellar customer service.


Using YouTube for automotive marketingYou may have heard the expression, “show, don’t tell.” It’s good advice, and YouTube™ is the perfect platform to do just that. As one of the most versatile social media platforms, YouTube™ gives you the ability to turn almost any social post into an immersive video experience for your shoppers.

For instance, that new car model that just arrived in your showroom is the perfect opportunity to give viewers a virtual tour. Bring them inside the cabin or give them a 360-degree look at the exterior.

In addition to profiling specific vehicles, you can also post videos with helpful information. How-to guides and vehicle reviews keep your YouTube™ viewers engaged with your dealership and help them view your team as authorities of the automotive industry.

With a little planning, automotive social media marketing keeps prospective buyers and current customers coming back to your channel to view more content.


Social media for automotive marketingYour dealership is so much more than a business. It’s a part of the community. After all, you and your employees live and work in the same area as many of your customers. To further establish a connection with your community, it’s a good idea to get involved.

That means routinely participating in local events, charities, and other community service. Posting about your involvement before, during, and after an event is a great way to make sure that people are aware of how active you are, too. The best practices for a good community engagement strategy include:

  • Choosing the right social media channels
  • Promoting local events, causes, and organizations in your community
  • Using appropriate content and hashtags to raise awareness
  • Getting your employees involved


Everyone loves a contest. They’re fun, and you just might win something! The best contests are the ones that are easy to enter. Social media is the ideal platform for contests and exclusive offers that people won’t find anywhere else.

Holding contests on Facebook and other platforms encourages customers to follow your social media channels. It also keeps them on the lookout for new offers and updates. As a result, you’ll have more followers, more people regularly checking your social media accounts, and a more active customer base.


The best way to implement a successful social media marketing strategy is to brainstorm with an experienced team of automotive marketers who know how it’s done.

Luckily, the social media marketing gurus at Aspen Automotive are ready to help your dealership construct a highly targeted social media campaign that leverages the unique strengths of each social media platform. All you have to do to get the conversation started is give us a call or send us an email today!