Automotive direct mail packageLike fashion and pop culture, automotive marketing goes through trends. To be successful, your business has to evolve with them. That often includes implementing a strategy that features campaigns that are based around both traditional methods and the latest technology.

Aspen Automotive can help you incorporate these into your direct mail marketing strategy, so you can maximize your business in 2022. So, what’s the forecast for the industry for this year? Aspen Automotive finds out with this look at what to expect in marketing for automotive in 2022.

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woman reading automotive direct mailMore people are shopping online than ever before. With that in mind, it’s not enough to just showcase your selection. Your website needs quality content, too. From information on your vehicles to an overview of your dealership services and amenities, content still reigns supreme.

In addition to building your site around great content, you can also incorporate that into your direct mail marketing campaign by making sure your mailers have excellent content and quick, user-friendly ways to direct someone to your website. Tools like personalized URLs (PURLs) and QR codes can turn your postcard into a pathway to all that quality content you have online.


Not only is shopping online easy, but it gives customers a more personalized shopping experience, too. Their car-buying journey is in their hands. The tools that you use to drive them to your content can also be used to give them that experience.

Sending mailers that are addressed to them personally is a great start. You can also include PURLs that lead to custom offers. Aspen Automotive specializes in designing mailing lists. By keeping track of your data, you can keep custom offers coming to your audience’s mailbox for years to come.


Interactive QR Codes for Direct MailMuch like marketing itself, mailers have come so far. While postcards, letters, and dimensional mailers should always be a part of your strategy, there are now more high-tech options out there. For example, video mailers are a simple, yet effective way to deliver lots of information. All your recipients need to do is open them up and they’ll start playing.

Likewise, your mailers could also include links to videos on your website, or you could invite your audience into a virtual experience with augmented reality. These high-tech methods allow interested customers to get a look inside a specific model, see what that model would look like in their garage, or take a virtual test drive.


To continue to serve your customers with less manpower, you could consider adding chatbots with artificial intelligence to your business’s website. It’s a perfect way to provide quality customer service to customers with simple-to-answer questions, while your staff focuses on closing the deal.

Not only can you add them as a feature on your website, but you can also send out mailers that include links or QR codes that’ll take your customer straight to a digital assistant that can answer their questions or schedule a test drive or service.


woman buying a car in-personWhile so much is done online, as restrictions are lifted and eased back, expect to see more in-person shopping in 2022 than in the last few years. Foot traffic will always be one of the barometers for success, so you could include some incentives to drive people to come back to the dealership. Offering incentives to take a test drive or look at a car in person are great options for welcoming leads and long-time customers back to your showroom.


From giving customers more customization options than ever before to linking mailers to interactive experiences, there are so many options for marketing for automotive in 2022. Direct mail drives leads and customers alike to all sorts of exciting offers. Aspen Automotive is ready to build these tactics and trends into your strategy for this year. Contact us to get started!