How QR Codes Can Drive Engagement

QR CodeConnecting with consumers is the best way to build your business. While plenty of people can drive by a billboard, they can just as easily forget about it by the time they get home. Engaging with new leads and long-time customers keeps them interested in your business and what you have to offer.

So, how do you draw people in and pique their interest? Try including QR codes in your marketing campaign. To show you why they’re an excellent tool for marketers, Aspen Automotive took a closer look at how QR codes can drive engagement.

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QR Codes Are Easy

QR Code MailAlmost everyone who’s gone out to a bar or restaurant in the last couple of years has become familiar with QR codes. Anyone with a smartphone can use them to access more information. After all, all you have to do is:

  1. Take out your smartphone
  2. Open the camera
  3. Point it at the QR code
  4. Tap on the URL that comes up

That’s it. Just point, scan, and go. You don’t even need to take an actual picture. Just follow the QR code to its landing page. Now, apply that to marketing. Add a QR code to your next postcard or mailer and you can bring people to your website in no time.

They’re Quick (Literally)

Have you ever wondered why they’re called QR codes? Like the codes themselves, the answer is pretty simple. QR stands for quick response. It’s an appropriate name, since they’re able to bridge the gap between traditional marketing and digital marketing in just a few seconds.

In terms of an automotive direct mail marketing campaign, QR codes can bring people who receive your mailers to exclusive offers, your inventory, scheduling forms, and more!  No one wants to waste time searching for what you’re selling, and QR codes won’t do that. They make the shopping experience as easy as possible.

Increases Awareness

Off the top of your head, do you know when your car is due for maintenance? What about when new models come out? Okay, since you have an automotive business you probably do, but the average consumer probably doesn’t. That’s where QR codes can help.

While you can send mailers out that include information on sales and specials, QR codes can get the word out even more. They let you say more than any postcard ever could by taking people right to a landing page or microsite that you want them to see.

Creates More Informed Shoppers

Shopping with QR CodesOn top of making people more aware of your business and what you’re offering, QR codes are a perfect tool for helping leads and customers learn more. You’re limited by the amount of text you can fit on a postcard, but a QR code lets you bring people’s attention to additional offers, vehicle reviews, and videos. Customers could even scan a QR code and take a virtual test drive or see how a new car looks in their driveway using augmented reality.

Gives Consumers the Power

Let’s face it, nobody likes receiving unsolicited emails. It’s annoying, they get lost in the shuffle, and they often hurt the public perception of your business. Using QR codes in your mailers will solve that by giving people a choice.

QR codes are user-friendly because they let people choose whether or not they want to opt into your email list. While some people will say no, just the fact that you’re giving them a choice will be well received. That alone can pique someone’s interest. For the ones that want to receive your emails, they’ve given you the green light to reach out to them on a regular basis.

Starts a Conversation

To piggyback on giving consumers the chance to opt in, QR codes can be used to open up a dialogue between you and your customers. When they scan your QR code, they’re saying they’re interested. In response to that, you can follow up with them using email marketing and text messages.

By incorporating this into your strategy, you can reach out to them at the perfect time and remind them that they should schedule maintenance, consider your holiday sales, or check out your trade-in tool and new inventory.

Invites New Followers

QR CodeEmail lists and sales aren’t the only way you can keep people connected with your business. Another great way is to invite them to like or follow you on social media. What better way to gain followers than to send them something that’s quick and connected to their smartphone?

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, there’s a lot to scroll through, and people have short attention spans. Giving them a QR code that makes them a follower is as fast and direct as it gets. They’ll see you on their feed in the future, and all you had to do was invite them with a code.

Gathers Data

The auto industry and QR codes go back a long way. In 1994, QR codes were invented to keep track of vehicles in an auto manufacturing plant. Today, they can still be used to keep track of everyone who decides to scan your mailers.

Using data solutions, you can save information on every consumer who redeems your offer or visits your exclusive landing page. Once you have that information, you can follow up with them, customize the content they receive, and adjust your future campaigns.

Learn More About Using QR Codes in Your Campaigns

From directing people to your business to helping convert leads, QR codes offer all sorts of upsides. At Aspen Automotive, we’re excited to incorporate them into your next direct mail marketing campaign. Contact us to learn more about how QR codes can drive engagement and get started!