How to Make Your Direct Mail More Engaging

Engaging direct mail

Direct mail marketing is a proven strategy for success. It can help you build brand awareness, convert new leads, and keep existing customers up to date on your selection and services.

One of the reasons why direct mail is so successful is because people pay more attention to the handful of items in their mailbox than the surplus of emails in their inbox. So, how can you make sure they focus on your mailer instead of someone else’s?

If you want your mailers to make a difference and not end up in the trash, you need to grab the readers’ attention right away. To help you do that, Aspen Automotive put together a list of some tips on how to make your direct mail more engaging.

Stand out from Other Envelopes

Lumpy automotive direct mailOne of the best ways to get people to notice your mailers is to draw their attention to them as soon as they open their mailbox. While there are lots of ways to get noticed, one of the most creative is to consider using something other than your average envelope.

Lumpy mail may not be the most refined marketing term, but it gets the point across. By sending some company swag or promotional materials in an oddly shaped package, you’re sure to stand out from other mailers.

Another option is to use dimensional mailers. While they have a little more structure than lumpy mail, these unorthodox packages also do an excellent job of separating themselves from the rest of your recipients’ mail. They can be as simple as small cardboard boxes or as intricate as a polygon-shaped package!

Use an Eye-Catching Design

Mail that stands outWhether you send something in a box, an envelope, or as a postcard, you’ll always have the opportunity to get creative with your mailers. Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and you should), is to catch the reader’s eye. Some of the ways you can do that in your mailers include:

  • Bright colors
  • Dynamic fonts
  • Attention-grabbing graphics and images

The nice thing about these creative options is that you can have lots of fun with them. Feel free to change them up when you start a new campaign or run a special promotion, like a holiday sale.

Try Adding a Little Texture

Most of your mail feels the same, so switch things up by giving your mailing-list recipients something they’ll remember. Printing your mailers on textured materials gives them yet another way to pique people’s interest. Whether it’s a cool 3D design, material that’s memorable to the touch, or something else altogether, textured mailers are an option that’s smart and different.

Add a Distinct Smell

Ways to spice up direct mail campaignsPeople who receive your mailers will likely remember if it has an unconventional shape, a distinct feel, or a fun design, but do you know which sense is even more closely connected to memory? Smell.

That’s right. Scent has a direct link to memory. So, with that in mind, try sending out scented mailers. You could market a new model or tempt someone into taking a test drive using that classic new-car smell. You could also spritz some seasonal scents onto your mailer to promote a holiday sale. Whatever pleasing aroma you want to include, the people on your mailing list are sure to remember.

Make Your Mailers Fun

Everyone loves games. Why not make your mailers feel more like a game than an offer? You could use folding mailers that include a QR code at the center, make the mailer feel like a pop-up book, or include sliding sections that reveal an exclusive offer. Have fun with your design and let everyone on your mailing list enjoy getting your mailers.

Feature Quality Content

No matter what color scheme, graphics, shapes, or marketing tools you use, your direct mail marketing campaign must be built on good content. Quality copy is the foundation for every mailer. Great writing should speak to the customer’s pain points, offer solutions, and be engaging. Depending on the topic, you can even give your mailers a sense of humor, so people will enjoy reading them. Whatever you want to highlight in your mailer, make sure it features great writing.

Make an Irresistible Offer

Men opening direct mail

Once you’ve hooked someone and gotten them to open and read your mailer, they’ll want to see what you have to offer. By clearly spelling out what you’re offering and how it can help them, you increase your chances of converting a lead into a customer. Whether it’s selling a new car, a discount on an oil change, or an exclusive deal for long-term customers, make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Include a Strong CTA

Now that you’ve written great copy, pitched them a solid offer, and had some fun designing your mail, it’s time to bring it home with a solid call to action (CTA). After all, the goal of your direct mail marketing campaign is to get people to do what you want. Whether it’s scheduling service or taking a test drive, ending your mailer with a good CTA will get your target audience over the finish line and into your dealership.

Discover How Aspen Automotive Can Help Build an Engaging Campaign

Now that we’ve covered some tips on how to make your direct mail more engaging, let’s get started! Aspen Automotive features an experienced creative team and an in-house production studio that can get all your mailers created, printed, and sent out in as little as 72 hours. Contact us to learn more and start collaborating on a great campaign.