Benefits of Mobile Site Development

Mobile friendly websiteA great website is necessary for any business to succeed. When it comes to your automotive business, your site should feature quality content that shows and tells people what you have to offer. That includes your inventory and the services you provide.

However, posting a detailed, user-friendly site is just the first step toward reaching your target audience. To make sure that all your leads visit your site, building a mobile website is essential. To show you why and how we can help, Aspen Automotive explores some of the benefits of mobile site development.

Advantages of Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

One of the most important considerations to take into account when you’re designing a website is where people will be viewing it. By “where,” we mean, “on what device?”

The smartphone revolutionized the way we communicate and consume information. It also opened up new marketing opportunities. Here’s why mobile site development can benefit your business and boost your return on investment (ROI):

Complements Your Direct Mail Marketing

Mobile-friendly automotive websiteWhether the goal of your direct mail campaign is to build brand awareness, convert new leads, or remind long-time customers to schedule service, a mobile-friendly site can help you achieve it. That’s because a good mailer and a dynamic mobile site can be a formidable tag team.

First, your mailer will pique the reader’s interest with a strong call to action (CTA), a fun graphic, or an offer they can’t refuse. Once you’ve inspired them to act, give them an easy way to do so. Including a QR code allows them to get on your site in seconds.

If your mobile site is a well-organized landing page, they can easily sign up for an email list, schedule a test drive, or redeem your offer. You can also direct these prospects to your homepage, so they can learn more about you and your automotive business.

Accessible from Anywhere

Accessible mobile websitesThe great thing about smartphones is that they allow all of us to carry a tiny computer in our pocket or purse. That kind of convenience lends itself to direct mail marketing. Think about what people are more likely to do when they open your mailers.

Most recipients aren’t going to take their mail, sit down at a desk, and pull up your website on a laptop or desktop. Chances are, they’re going to read your mailer, scan your QR code, and get on your site straight from their phone.

That’s what you want them to do, anyway. A desktop computer can’t do much with a QR code. The accessibility of mobile sites is one of the things that makes modern direct mail marketing campaigns successful.

More User-Friendly Format

Your mailers and QR codes are a great one-two punch for getting people to your website, but people will quickly lose interest if the site isn’t user friendly. Simply putting your homepage out there is not enough. Nobody wants to scan a QR code, then have to hunt for the offer that they’re interested in. No one likes scrolling over to the side because a paragraph isn’t formatted for a mobile phone, either.

With Aspen Automotive and Epsilon, we can help you develop a site that’s made for a smartphone or tablet display. It’ll be formatted to fit all your content perfectly, so people can see what you want them to see.

Easier than an App

Mobile webistesPut yourself in a new lead’s shoes. You open your mailbox, open an interesting postcard, and learn about a new offer. What are you more likely to respond to—an invitation to visit a website or a request to download an app?

A quality mobile site is more convenient for both you and the people who are receiving your mailers. Not only is it faster to get on a website, but you aren’t requiring anyone to use any data or space on their smartphone to redeem your offer. As for your automotive business, it’s usually more cost-effective to develop a good site instead of building and maintaining an app.

Expands Your Email List

With the convenience of easy access and a user-friendly web design, a good mobile site can also help you expand your email list. You can ask customers and interested leads to receive updates, just like you can ask them to redeem offers. Just stamp a QR code on your mailer, and they’ll have the option to agree to your emails in seconds.

Gain Social Media Followers

Mobile-friendly site and social media

Along the same lines, a mobile-friendly site can increase your social media followers, too. It has all the same convenience as redeeming an offer or agreeing to an email list, plus the ability to link to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. If you make your site easy to navigate or include social media icons on each page, you make it even easier for people to follow you and your business.

Increase Conversion Rates

All of these factors contribute to more conversions. The added convenience of a well-developed mobile site can increase your conversion rate by encouraging people to redeem offers instantly and follow you long-term. Basically, there’s no reason not to make your site more mobile friendly.

Explore More About Developing a Mobile-Friendly Site

Aspen Automotive and Epsilon specialize in connecting your direct mail marketing campaign to your interactive media. Together, we can help you build a mobile site that will bridge your initial mailing list to a better bottom line. Contact us to get started and learn more about the benefits of mobile site development.