Microsite vs Landing Pages

Woman on a microsite or landing page

A well-orchestrated direct mail marketing campaign is one of the best ways to build brand awareness, increase conversions, and get consumers on your website. So, when you have your customers enter a personalized URL (PURL) or scan a QR code, will you take them to a landing page or a microsite?

Aspen Automotive put together this microsite vs. landing pages comparison to help you decide which one is right for your campaign.

What Are Microsites?

Man and woman on a MicrositeThe microsite definition may not be widely known, but microsites are essentially smaller, shorter websites. This branded content is independent from the brand’s main website and is usually created for a specific purpose or for a specific product or service you’re trying to push.

Keep in mind that microsites can include several pages for your customer to explore, so they may require a bit more skill to build. Fortunately, the team at Aspen Automotive has the experience to help you create high-quality microsites.

When to Use a Microsite

When it comes to your automotive business, microsites are a great tool for engaging with leads at the top of the marketing funnel. Their tone and structure are ideal for raising brand awareness, educating, and presenting lots of information in a succinct space.

Since they’re an excellent way for leads to learn more, you could build a microsite around a new model that you want to showcase, the importance of staying on top of your maintenance, or information about your dealership.

What Are Landing Pages?

Woman on a landing pageA landing page is also a brief website that’s built around a specific purpose, offer, or campaign. Typically, customers on a landing page will be prompted to enter contact information in order to download or receive a specific piece of content or offer.

This is a useful way to grow your mailing list with customers who are specifically interested in what you’re selling. We have ample experience in helping our customers build landing pages that they can direct their customers to via their direct mail campaign. These days, it’s all about integrating the traditional with the digital, which is what we do best here at Aspen Automotive.

When to Use a Landing Page

A landing page is designed to get people to take action. In fact, the best landing pages are built around a strong call to action (CTA). They’re a perfect tool for directing people through the funnel and moving them along in the buyer’s journey.

Landing pages can be used as quick, simple tools to get leads to schedule a test drive, schedule service, or sign up for an email list. Since they’re perfect for increasing conversions, you can design them around specific promotions, like holiday sales or customer loyalty programs. No matter what your landing page is built for, make sure its design and content are centered around a solid CTA, too.

Add Microsites and Landing Pages to Your Campaign

Both microsites and landing pages can be incorporated into your strategy and automotive marketing campaign. Contact us today to learn more about microsites vs. landing pages and to get started. At Aspen Automotive, we can help you connect your direct mail marketing campaign with relevant and effective microsites and landing pages.