Using Data-Targeted Direct Mail Lists for Your Auto Dealership

Data-Targeted Direct Mail Lists

Are you interested in reaching a specific audience with your direct mail campaign? One way to do this is with data-targeted direct mail. This is a type of direct mail that Aspen Automotive specializes in. Our team will develop a data-targeted mailing list and campaign that reaches the customers you want to visit your dealership.

Learn more about data-targeted direct mail lists below.

What Is a Data-Targeted Direct Mail List?

A data-targeted direct mail list is a mail list that focuses specifically on an audience that fits specific criteria. Those criteria can range from location, income, and occupation, to other demographic factors.

Our team gathers this information and generates a direct mail campaign based on the audience you want to reach.

Technology We Use to Create Data-Targets Direct Mail Lists

There are several automotive-based data technologies we use to craft data-targeted mail lists. Some of them are:

Aspen SureDrive Data

Credit Score

Aspen SureDrive Data pulls data from several sources that let us know about your customers’ vehicles. We get information like make, model, year, and even whether the car is purchased or leased. Our team can focus on consumers seriously interested in shopping and purposing or leasing a vehicle using this data.

Real-Time Credit Score Data

If you’re looking to target consumers within a specific credit score range, Real-Time Credit Score Data can help you do that. This system pulls information from the three big credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. You can tailor your advertising to those specific customers.

Lease/Loan Enders

Want to reach buyers interested in trading in their current car? Our Lease/Loan Enders Database can let you know how much of a consumer’s auto loan is left, loans that haven’t been renewed, and even how many payment months remain on a lease.

This allows you to focus your direct mail on those whose leasing is ending or vehicle loans that are almost paid off.

Benefits of Data-Targets Direct Mail

Data-Targets Direct Mail Data-targeted direct has several benefits, like:

  • Improved ROI
  • Better Personalization
  • Customer Engagement

When you target consumers who have a high chance of engaging with your advertisement and dealership, you will get more for your investment. Your dealership will see more consumers ready to purchase or lease a vehicle.

Using data-targeting, you can personalize your advertisements. Personalization helps increase response rates from customers. You can even customize your direct mail to be relevant to a specific demographic.

Overall, using data to target specific segments of your consumers leads to better consumer engagement. With a direct mail piece that markets to your consumer’s experience, they feel seen and can lead to better retention.

Use Data-Targeted Direct Mail To Reach Your Ideal Audience Today

At Aspen Automotive, it’s our goal to help your dealership reach the correct audience. Using the tools we’ve discussed above and many more, we can help you reach your audience and determine your ideal audience. We’ll make the most of your direct-mail campaign and get customers to your dealership.

Want to learn more about how our data-targeted direct mail can help your dealership? Contact our team today!