Using Data to Improve Your Mailing List

Using Data to Improve Your Mailing List

From demographics to purchase history, data is necessary for putting your direct mailing list together. However, that’s just the first step toward long-term success. To show you the value of using data to improve your mailing list, Aspen Automotive offers some insight into how we can help you get the most out of your campaign and make sure your mailing list is constantly evolving.

How Data Can Improve Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Gathering and analyzing data is key. By collecting data from a variety of sources, you can use it to improve your campaign by identifying the audience that’s most likely to interact with mailers. Some of the ways data can be used to benefit your mailing list moving forward include:

  • Refining based on response rate
  • Creating custom content
  • Putting more focus on interested leads
  • Establishing separate campaigns for different target audiences

By collecting data from your campaigns, you’ll be able to fine-tune both your mailing list and your next marketing strategy. For example, using the data from one campaign allows you to see who’s currently shopping for a vehicle and who’s not interested right now. Then, you can zero in on your target audience with content that’s customized based on where they are in the buyer’s journey.

Our Data Solutions

QR CodeSo, where does this data come from anyway? Well, there are a few ways you can source data. If you’ve included QR codes, a personalized URL, or an exclusive offer in your mailers, you can see who utilized them. Another effective method is looking at who visited your website and what pages they went to.

These digital breadcrumbs are a great way to find the data you need to see which leads need to be on your mailing list. At Aspen Automotive, we have years of experience in building a direct mailing list. Plus, we’ve partnered with Epsilon to give your campaign an even more data-driven approach.

With Epsilon’s experience as a transactional and behavioral agency, and our existing data solutions, we can keep track of every metric that you’ll need to tweak your mailing list. Some of our cutting-edge data solutions include:

Aspen SureDrive

Keeping track of your customers is the best way to make sure they become loyal customers. Aspen SureDrive does that by pulling data such as vehicle specs, model year, and whether a driver decided to buy or lease.

Real Time Credit Score Data

Credit ScoreSome drivers may hold off on buying or leasing a car due to financial reasons. That’s understandable, but with Real Time Credit Score Data you can speak to leads and customers at their price point. It sources reputable credit score data from sites like Equifax and Experian.


In addition to reaching out to people based on their credit score, our Autoproval solutions tool allows you to send a pre-qualified loan offer automatically. It builds on custom content by including an offer that they’re eligible for, which should help drive results.

Lease/Loan Enders

One of the great things about having a loyal customer is that you can do business with them again and again. To help reach out to them at the right time, there’s our Lease/Loan Ender database. It monitors when a driver’s lease term or auto loan is almost up, so you can put them on a specific mailing list and create content that directs them toward trading in their ride.

Dealer Data Download

Whether it’s where they are in the buyer’s journey, if they responded, or their address, accuracy is essential to any mailing list. All the information in your Dealership Management System is up to date and accurate, thanks to our Dealer Data Download system. It gathers and updates all the necessary information, so your data will also be accurate.

Use Data to Improve Your Direct Mailing List

From narrowing the funnel down to more reliable leads and including content that speaks directly to the customer’s wants and needs, there is so much upside to using data to improve your mailing list. If you’re ready to get started and enhance your mailing list, contact Aspen Automotive.