Car Advertising Ideas Using Social Media

Car Advertising Ideas Using Social Media

Social media is a huge part of our lives. We spend plenty of time on it, and it has become another avenue for advertising. If you’re trying to advertise your dealership on social media, you’ll need a few ideas that can grab attention away from other posts.

Aspen Automotive can help. We’ve developed a few car advertising ideas using social media that can promote your dealership. See what our experts have to say below, then give us a call if you’re interested in starting your next automotive marketing campaign!

Catch Your Audience’s Attention With Videos

Social MediaSocial media allows for many kinds of content, one of the most popular being video. Video grabs attention as consumers scroll by, encouraging them to stop, engage, and even share your content.

There are many kinds of video content your dealership can create. If you want to move more vehicles, create a video highlighting their top features or showing off their drive.

You can also use video to introduce your customers to your dealership or highlight how certain services at your dealership work.

Promote the Customer Experience

Customers like knowing what to expect. Creating content that focuses on the customer experience at your dealership can help build trust and encourage leads to visit.

You can link longer blog posts or service explanations on social media. You can also highlight an online purchase service if that’s something your dealership offers!

Share Your Dealership’s Relationship With Your Community

Social MediaNo matter where you are, your dealership is part of a local community. Connecting to that community builds relationships that can foster trust and eventual sales. Creating posts that celebrate your community and highlight your dealership’s partnerships or upcoming events will help establish your dealership as part of the community.

Get Personal

You can take community focus one step further by getting more personal. Did a customer just buy their first car? Consider asking if you can take a photo and celebrate that accomplishment with them on social media!

A more personal approach can also highlight local businesses you or your employees love. For example, have you ever brought donuts from a local bakery for the team? Snap a photo and shout out the bakery!

Highlight Current Promotions

Does your dealership run promotions, holiday sales, or service offers from time to time? Share them on your social media!

Sharing promotions can help bring attention to your dealership as well as encourage customers to check it out. You can even include a microsite by Aspen Automotive to draw your customers to your website to learn more. Microsites are excellent for short-term sales because they are individual web pages with separate URLs but are still associated with your dealership.

Learn More About Automotive Marketing With Aspen Automotive Today

Are you looking for more ideas on how to market your dealership? The experts at Aspen Automotive can help. We have the resources to create direct mail campaigns, social media ads, microsites, and more. Speak with our team to find out what your next automotive marketing campaign might look like today!