How Epsilon Can Improve Your Direct Mail Marketing

Epsilon Can Improve Your Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail is an effective marketing approach for automotive dealerships. However, there’s always room for improvement to get the best return on investment possible. Epsilon is an outcome-based marketing firm that partners with Aspen Automotive to provide a data-based approach to your next direct mail marketing campaign.

Epsilon Uses a Data-Driven Approach

Epsilon approaches each marketing campaign with data. They use data mining to help secure information on past purchases from your dealership and also potential customers. You can then tailor your direct mail campaign to that information.

In addition to data, Epsilon takes a one-on-one approach to customer experiences. The Epsilon team will work with you and Aspen Automotive to create direct mail pieces that grab attention and convert leads.

Reaching Automotive Buyers Where They Are in Their Car-Buying Journey

Reaching Automotive Buyers Epsilon approaches automotive marketing intending to reach consumers where they are. They do this in five steps of the automotive buying journey:

Step One: Consumer is searching for a vehicle

Aspen Automotive and Epsilon will create direct mail ads that push a consumer toward your dealership.

Step Two: Consumer purchases a vehicle

When a purchase is made, data is acquired. “Thank You” messages and an introduction to other dealer services are sent.

Step Three: After-sales marketing

Vehicle telematics and customer data help you send out maintenance and service ads at the right time.

Step Four: Omnichannel analytics

Data, including responses, digital KPIs, transactional, and VIN information, all work together to give you an accurate ROI.

Step Five: More consumers influenced to shop

Data mining, mileage information, and previous purchase data help target and identify those who may be about to begin vehicle shopping again, so we can market to them.

Past Data Becomes the Ground for Future Marketing Campaigns

Once Epsilon has created direct mail pieces more likely to engage your customer, the focus shifts to retaining. Follow-up reminders can be sent out based on engagement and analytics.

Epsilon will pass this information on to you, so you, Aspen Automotive, and Epsilon can create your next direct mail marketing campaign around improving previous response rates and sales.

Personalize Your Direct Mail Campaign

Personalized MailThanks to Epsilon’s data, the Aspen Automotive team can help you customize and personalize your next direct mail campaign. Your automotive campaign can use the names of potential leads and even address specific needs based on the information you have.

Two other ways to personalize your direct mail campaign are personalized URLs (PURLs) and QR Codes. Both can take your customer to a landing page with their name, and that highlights their needs, including:

  • New Vehicle Inventory
  • Financing page
  • Instructions for trading in their vehicle

QR Codes and PURLs also give you the ability to track leads and potential conversions based on who goes to your site from your direct mail piece.

Learn More About How Epsilon and Aspen Automotive Can Help With Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

Are you interested in seeing what Epsilon’s data and the experts at Aspen Automotive can do for your next automotive direct mail campaign? Reach out to our team! We’ll help you create a campaign that leads to success and discuss how Epsilon and Aspen Automotive work together.

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