Is Direct Mail Still Useful?

direct mail

As you begin your next automotive marketing campaign in the midst of the digital age, you may be wondering about the effect of direct mail. Despite the wealth of digital media readily available, direct mail has more benefits than you might initially think.

To help you learn more about the effects of direct mail marketing, the team at Epsilon Individual Automotive goes over some of its many benefits below. Read on to learn how it can help your marketing campaign!

The Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Everybody loves receiving mail, right? Right! In fact, 41 percent of Americans look forward to checking their mail each day.1 Rather than being a thing of the past, direct mail continues to succeed by putting the marketing directly in your customer’s hands and making a memorable impression.

Along with the excitement of checking for daily mail, direct mail marketing strategies can provide many additional benefits for your dealership, such as:

Personalized Mail

Personalized Mail One of the most effective results of direct mail is the added personalization. With the help of our SureDrive Data, your marketing is tailored to your customer. Our data solutions can cut through the noise of digital media by providing direct connections to your customers’ current vehicles and past purchases.

What this personalization can further achieve is a strong return on investment (ROI) for your marketing strategy. Direct mail marketing can bring a 29 percent ROI, a number comparable to social media marketing.1 The number here speaks for itself: When your marketing strategy includes personalized direct mail, your audience is more likely to engage with marketing that speaks to their needs. In turn, you’re able to more clearly understand your audience and their needs.

A Solution to Digital Overload

How many emails do you receive per day? We’ve all had an overflowing inbox and have felt it an impossible task to read through each email. With an abundance of information right at our fingertips, digital overload is inevitable, making it easy for many marketing attempts to be overlooked.

Direct mail offers a clear solution to this: By utilizing a direct mail marketing campaign, you’re providing physical information that stands out from the crowd. On average, advertising mail is kept in a household for around 17 days, meaning there’s more opportunities for your audience to engage with it.1 Even a quick skim can be enough to lead to further engagement.

Interactive Marketing

Interactive Marketing By combining direct mail marketing and modern technology, the result is interactive marketing that directs your customers to where they need to go. Our marketing strategies use interactive features—such as scannable QR codes—that help your direct mail not only stand out, but also encourage your audience to shop, browse, and even register as a customer on your website.

This added interactivity also helps raise brand awareness. Your dealership will be remembered by your marketing strategy, and making an impression as an innovative, creative company helps motivate your audience to learn more.

Learn More About Direct Mail Marketing!

At Epsilon Individual Automotive, we can help your dealer experience all the benefits of a direct mail marketing strategy to drive more customers to you. If you’re interested in learning more about our marketing solutions, you can contact us today.