How Can I Use Direct Mail for Special Promotions?

Do you have an annual sale going on at your dealership? How about a new financing offer, holiday promotion, or seasonal contest? Whatever special promotions you want to offer, you need an effective way to inform potential buyers about them. Direct mail can get your message in front of the right people.

At Epsilon Individual Automotive, we have a team of experts who know all the ins and outs of direct mail marketing from design to production. Learn more about how we can help your dealership advertise your special promotions with direct mail today!

Why Use Direct Mail for Special Promotions?

Personalized Mail


Over 40 percent of direct mail recipients read or scan the direct mail that comes to their mailbox, making it an effective way to attract buyers with special promotions throughout the year.1 Today, there are a wide array of creative ways to use direct mail to delight past, present, and potential customers.


Tips for Using Direct Mail for Special Promotions

By using bold, bright colors and unique designs, you can pique a recipient’s interest in your special promotion even more. Whether you want to send a postcard or a dimensional mailer in a unique shape, our team can help you find the perfect direct mail format for your special promotions.

Additionally, you can easily use direct mail to bring a recipient to a web page:

Website Links & QR Codes

Women Opening EmailIf you want to promote a contest or prize promotion, you can include a website link or scannable QR code that sends the recipient right to a submission form. By making it as easy as possible for a customer to sign up and participate, you increase the likelihood that they will engage.

Personal URLs (PURLs)

Another option is to create and include a personal URL (PURL) that sends each customer to a personalized landing page with details about the special promotion you want to advertise. PURLs also enable you to track the success of your special promotions campaign more closely.

They allow you to see if the recipient went to the link, how they navigated through the page, and any further action they took based on the promotion’s call to action (CTA).

Create Customized Special Promotions for Your Customers

Credit ScoreAt Epsilon Individual Automotive, we have a range of data solutions that can make your direct mail special promotions campaign even more effective. Our Dealership Management System and other databases enable you to create special promotions targeted at individual customers.

Along with you with accurate and up-to-date customer contact information, we have other databases with key information about where customers are on their automotive journey. Our databases include:

  • Real Time Credit Score Data that tells you what credit score a previous or potential customer currently has.
  • Lease/Loan Enders that tell you how many months a customer has left on their lease or auto loan payments.
  • Aspen SureDrive Data that tells you what make, model, year, and body style a customer has purchased in the past.

With this information, you can send specific special promotions at the right time—and, when your customers open a personalized promotion that matches their unique needs, they will be further incentivized to visit your dealership.

Start Advertising Your Business’ Special Promotions With Direct Mail

Since 1986, Epsilon Individual Automotive has helped over 10,000 individual dealerships attract and keep more customers with effective, eye-catching direct mail marketing campaigns. Contact us at Epsilon Individual Automotive to find out how we can help your dealership use direct mail for special promotions today!