What Should I Use on My Direct Mail to Bring in Customers?

Direct mail

Direct mail marketing is an effective way to bring awareness to your dealership and more customers through the doors. With the right marketing tactics, your next direct mail campaign can be extremely beneficial to your dealership’s success.

For ideas on  what to include on your direct mail to bring in customers, the team at Aspen Auto Marketing shares some tips below.

An Eye-Catching Design

MailersCompared to digital advertisements, such as email, direct mail has an advantage by being distraction-free. Around 73% of American consumers prefer direct mail marketing because they can read through it on their own schedule.* That being said, an eye-catching design can capture the attention of your audience immediately.

Oversized envelopes, for example, stand out in a pile of mail and are more likely to be opened. Using color psychology is another great way to find a text and color that best matches your brand. Bright, happy colors might stand out more than something bland.

At Aspen Auto Marketing, we handle each part of your direct mail campaign, including design, so we can work together to craft a design that makes your mail stand out.

Personalized Automotive Data

Consumers are more likely to interact with advertisements that offer them a solution. By using automotive data, we can ensure your mail is received by the right audience. We offer several data solutions that provide us demographics about your audience:

  • Lifestyle
  • Shopping habits
  • Household income
  • Family size
  • Vehicle history

Automotive data helps us direct advertisements to individuals who are more likely to engage with your dealership. Understanding individual preferences when shopping for vehicles leads to more personalized content, which encourages action.

Interactive Marketing

Personalized QR CodeAlong with personalizing your mail, interactive content can encourage individuals to engage with your business. One of the ways you can do this is with QR codes and personal URLs (PURLs). QR codes and PURLs act as a bridge between your mail and your website—they can take your customers directly to the inventory page or promotion that they read about.

Another way to make your direct mail more interactive is through contests. Including a link to a submission can motivate customers to take action and participate. Plus, you’ll be raising brand awareness with these kinds of incentives.

Monthly Specials

To bring in more customers, direct mail can provide short-term solutions, such as monthly specials. You can raise awareness about specific specials or discounts through your direct mail campaign. Whether you are promoting parts and accessories or have a holiday sale going on, direct mail can get the word out.

Monthly specials can help drive new business into the dealership as well as loyal customers who will keep coming back. Our in-house production studio works hard to get your mail delivered in just around 72 hours, so your customers have plenty of time to learn about this month’s special.

Learn More About Bringing in Customers With Direct Mail

As you plan your next direct mail marketing campaign, the team at Aspen Auto Marketing can help you create captivating designs and content. To learn more about what to use on your direct mail to bring in customers, contact us today!




* https://www.smallbizgenius.net/by-the-numbers/direct-mail-statistics/#gref