What Designs Are Eye-Catching on Direct Mail?

Direct Mail

When it comes to direct mail marketing, design is one of the most important factors. You need an eye-catching design to draw your audience in and leave them wanting to learn more. What designs can make your direct mail stand out?

At Aspen Auto Marketing, we specialize in automotive advertising, and we work hard to help your direct mail captivate audiences. Below, we’ll share the most engaging designs for direct mail.

How Does Direct Mail Stand Out?

Compared to the number of emails and digital advertisements people encounter every day, direct mail provides a clear, distraction-free objective that can generate more results. About 42.2% of people view or scan the direct mail they receive, giving you a good chance to get your dealership recognized.*

With an eye-catching design, your mail is even more likely to be read through by its receiver and result in an action. There are a few ways to help your direct mail design stand out:

Mail Size

MailersDirect mail already has a pretty high chance of being read through. You can increase that chance by making your mail stand out, starting with the actual size of your mail. Oversized envelops have a response rate of 5%, the highest response rate of any type of direct mail.*

Color and Text

When designing your mail, color and text matter. From a first glance, you want your audience to be drawn in by bright and bold text.

Color psychology can help us understand which colors generate certain feelings. For example, the color orange is associated with playfulness and positivity, while the color blue has a peaceful, gentle feel. If you use a bright color, it can more likely emote positive feelings about your business.


Personalized QR CodePersonalizing your mail means targeting your audience and directing them towards fitting solutions. With our automotive data solutions, you can anticipate your audience’s needs and encourage more business:

  • Aspen SureDrive Data
  • Real-Time Credit Score Data
  • QR Codes & Personalized URLs (PURLs)
  • Lease/Loan Enders

By gathering certain personal and automotive demographics, we can help you better address an audience more likely to engage with you. A PURL or QR code, for example, can take someone directly to the vehicle brand or style that fits their preferences.

Aspen Auto Marketing Takes Care of Everything

As Aspen Auto Marketing, we plan each part of your direct mail campaign, including the design. We’ll work to match your color, personalization, and mail size requests. Our in-house production studio allows us to fully engage in the creative process and produce an eye-catching mail design.

Once you approve the design, we can have it delivered. We can complete this process in just around 72 hours, so your audience remains in the know about promotions, sales, and essential dealership information.

Contact Aspen Auto Marketing to Learn More About Direct Mail Design

When you start your next direct mail campaign with Aspen Auto Marketing, we can help your mail stand out with a captivating and eye-catching design. Contact our team today to see how our solutions can promote your dealership.