What Types of Direct Mail Are Most Effective?

What Types of Direct Mail Are Most Effective

Direct mail is a versatile marketing tool that can come in all shapes and sizes. Selecting the right mailer for your campaign is an essential part of your marketing strategy. You may be wondering which types of direct mail are most effective.

The team at Aspen Automotive is here to present the most effective types of direct mail. Check it out and contact us to strategize for your next direct mail marketing campaign.


Postcards are small but mighty. These are some of the most effective direct mail pieces. Postcards have the unique benefit of standing out because they don’t require an envelope.

Right away, customers can see what’s on the card. Bright colors and images can also help your postcard stand out from the envelopes Americans receive daily in their mailbox.

Oversized Envelopes

Oversized EnvelopesWhile postcards stand out with their small size, oversized envelopes stand out for the opposite reason. Oversized envelopes have the highest response rate of all direct mail options at a whopping 5%!1

Oversized envelopes stand out to the hand and the eye, compelling potential leads to open them up and see what’s inside.


Self-mailers are self-contained mailers that are typically just one piece of paper. They are sealed with adhesive. Since there is no envelope, businesses have the opportunity to create a visual cover to grab interest.

Self-mailers can also be three-dimensional. Pop-ups or sliding portions of the direct mail can make for a more engaging experience for the customer, who will spend more time with your direct mail piece.


PersonalizationsBrochures are a classic type of direct mail that offers leads an opportunity to learn more about your brand. You can provide a lot of information in a brochure, generating trust and transparency with customers.

On brochures, automotive businesses can highlight the benefits of shopping at their dealership from the purchase or lease stage to the maintenance and ownership stage.

Personalized Direct Mail

Personalized direct mail is something that can be done with any direct mail option, including the ones we’ve mentioned above. Personalization is an excellent way to make a connection with a potential or current customer. You can include their name and tailor your direct mail piece to their specific needs. Direct mail can also integrate technology, using personalized URLs (PURLs) or QR codes, which lead to sites that address the customer and aspects of your dealership that they’d find helpful.

Aspen Automotive has automotive data solutions that we can use to help you personalize your direct mail campaign. You can target shoppers interested in SUVs who may also want to consider trading in their old vehicle with the help of databases like Aspen SureDrive Data.

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