Using Data to Target Local Shoppers

Direct Mail

Data can help your marketing campaigns become more focused and effective. If you’re a dealership looking to target local customers, the right data can make that happen.

Aspen Automotive has automotive data solutions that can help dealerships target local customers and create a focused and powerful direct mail campaign. Learn a little bit about using data to target local shoppers, and then contact us to discuss your next direct mail campaign.

Targeting Local Shoppers Based on Where They Live

Targeting Local Shoppers One of the easiest ways to reach local shoppers is with Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®). When using EDDM®, you’ll select a zip code or neighborhood you’d like to target. Every home in that geographical location will receive your direct mail. This high-saturation option can be helpful when you’re highlighting new promotions, informing people in your community of a new service your dealership provides, or just reminding folks that your dealership is there to help them find their next car.

EDDM® is an excellent option for making many shoppers more aware of your dealership. You don’t need a mailing list and can select a size that meets your marketing campaign’s needs.

Narrow Data to Demographics That Fit Your Marketing Campaign Goals

Using the right data, you can get even more specific with the shoppers you target. Demographics can help you narrow your potential customer list based on household income, family size, and location.

This information can help you narrow your marketing campaign’s focus. Are you looking to increase sales of luxury SUVs? Targeting those with a specific household income, with children, and in certain neighborhoods can increase the odds that you will reach customers interested in luxury SUVs.

Target Shoppers Based on Automotive Shopping Habits

Data solutionsPersonalize Your Direct Mail Pieces are available and used by Aspen Automotive to help automotive retailers target local shoppers based on their automotive shopping habits. Your dealership can create a marketing campaign that tailors itself to the shopping habits of the local community.

Aspen SureDrive Data is a database that acquires information from several sources and provides details on customers’ vehicles. You’ll know a customer’s make/model, year, and purchase type (lease or loan). If your dealership wants to sell more hybrid vehicles, targeting those who have bought a hybrid car several years earlier may help.

Our Lease/Loan Enders database helps you determine if local buyers may be preparing to trade in and purchase or lease a new vehicle. It can let you know how much of someone’s lease or loan is left and your customer’s credit scores. You can personalize your direct mail to encourage trade-ins and address customers’ potential shopping needs.

Aspen Automotive’s Data Solutions Can Help Your Next Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Succeed

The right data can help you effectively target local shoppers for your next automotive marketing campaign. If you’re beginning to plan your next automotive direct mail campaign, reach out to Aspen Automotive.

Our data solutions and automotive marketing experts can help your dealership put together a successful direct mail marketing campaign. Contact us today to get started.