Should I Personalize Direct Mail?

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Direct mail is an effective way of encouraging customer engagement with your dealership. When you add personalized elements to your direct mail, it can help your customers keep you in mind for their automotive needs and increase the likelihood that they’ll choose your services.

At Epsilon Individual Automotive, we can help personalize your direct mail marketing campaign and make it easier for your customers to find the services they need.

The Benefit of Personalized Mail

Oversized EnvelopesIn a digital age, direct mail continues to be an effective marketing strategy that helps customers feel motivated to engage with businesses. In fact, 70% of consumers say that mail makes them feel valued as a customer.* Adding personalized features to your mail only increases that value and can bring other benefits, too.

With personalized direct mail, you can:

  • Build your dealership’s brand
  • Build strong relationships with customers
  • Personalized mail can grab attention
  • Better understand customer needs

While you share important information with your customers, personalization helps you better understand their needs and build lasting relationships. It can also help your dealership stand out as a good choice for people looking for automotive services.

How to Personalize Direct Mail

Now that you know more about the benefits of personalized mail, you can begin to add these personal elements to yours. Direct mail already brings the benefit of personality to it, since consumers believe direct mail to be 11% more personal than brand emails.*

Additionally, there are a few ways you can go the extra mile to personalize your mail:

Address Your Audience

opening mailWhen you send out direct mail, it’s important to address your audience directly. Something as simple as adding your customer’s name to your direct mail can help personalize it and make it stand out. It can also help increase the value of your mail and show that you care about meeting your customers’ needs.


Add an Interactive Element

At Epsilon Individual Automotive, we offer automotive marketing solutions that add a personalized element to your direct mail. Personal URLs (PURLs) and QR codes act as a bridge between traditional and digital marketing. When your customers interact with these elements, they’ll be directed to a personalized page on your website, so they can more easily find what they need.

Utilize Automotive Data

Credit ScoreOne of the best ways to personalize your direct mail is by utilizing automotive data. Epsilon Individual Automotive offers data-driven auto marketing solutions, including our SureDrive Data. This collects information about your customers’ vehicles, such as their make and model, so you have a better understanding of their automotive needs.

We also have Real Time Credit Score data, which provides valuable information about your customers’ credit scores. This lets you personalize financing choices based on the financial needs of your customers.

Learn More About Personalized Mail at Epsilon Individual Automotive

Before you begin your next automotive marketing campaign, consider adding personal elements to better engage your customers and build your brand. The Epsilon Individual Automotive team is experienced in automotive marketing, and we’re thrilled to help you start your next direct mail campaign.

Contact us today to learn more about personalizing your mail!