What Are the Benefits of Personalized URLs?


Adding a personal touch to your dealership’s marketing campaign can help improve your branding and increase customer engagement. Epsilon Individual Automotive can help add personal URLs to your next campaign in order to bridge the gap between digital and traditional marketing.

Below, you can learn more about the benefits of personalized URLs as well as how our team of automotive marketing professionals can help.

About Personal URLs

Personal URLs (PURLs) are customizable links that bring your customers to a specific page or service on your website. Your audience can engage with PURLs through email, by clicking on the link, or by direct mail, by typing it in or scanning it.

What can PURLs do for your dealership? Here are the top benefits:

Directly Meet Customer Needs

Customer searching onlineWhen someone engages with a PURL, it will take them directly to a page on your website. Your digital presence is a crucial part of the car-buying journey, as around 95% of vehicle buyers use websites and other digital platforms as a source of information.1

By bringing your customers directly to a personalized page, you can help them find what they need in a timely matter. If you can meet your customers’ needs, they’re far more likely to work with you.

Real-Time Tracking

With PURLs, it’s much easier to track the buyer’s journey and adjust your marketing to best fit individual needs. When a PURL is used, Epsilon Individual Automotive can help you track any website pages visited next to get a better idea of what your customers are looking for. Our automotive data-driven solutions provide the tools needed to achieve this.

Increased Response Rate

SEO dataIf you are beginning a direct mail marketing campaign with us, you can include PURLs to help increase your response rate. Bridging digital and direct marketing with PURLs can significantly impact customer engagement. In fact, marketing campaigns that use direct mail and at least one digital media can experience a 118% lift in response rate.2

Additionally, personalized mail is more likely to encourage action. Around 84% of people in a study said they were more likely to open a direct mail piece if it was personalized.2 Increased response rates can be a direct result of taking the time to personalize your marketing campaign.

How Can Epsilon Individual Automotive Help?

At Epsilon Individual Automotive, we design every aspect of your next marketing campaign, from conceptualization to our in-house production studio. We understand the many benefits of PURLs and how to use them to increase engagement with your customers.

We also provide a number of automotive data solutions using cutting-edge technology to collect precise data. Using demographic data, we can collect information about your customers’ vehicles and lifestyles, so you can more accurately personalize your marketing.

Contact Us to Learn More About the Benefits of PURLs

When you utilize PURLs in your automotive marketing campaigns, you can create a more personalized buying experience for your customers. Epsilon Individual Automotive is proud to provide data-driven technology and marketing solutions for your dealership so that you can bring more customers in.

To learn more about the benefits of PURLs, contact our professionals today!



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