What are Different Types of Automotive Direct Mail?

Even in this digital age, direct mail continues to be an effective form of marketing for many dealerships. As you start planning your next campaign, you may wonder about the different types of automotive direct mail. You may also be wondering which will be most effective for your dealership.

Epsilon Individual Automotive is here to answer your questions! Our marketing professionals go over the different types of direct mail below and how our team can design your campaign.

Letters & Envelopes

Letters & Envelopes For direct mail that is text-heavy or includes confidential information, letters or envelopes are a popular choice. This type of direct mail can help brand your dealership and establish professionalism. Letters and envelopes also leave room for extra content, such as coupons or specials.


Postcards stand out in a pile of direct mail since they don’t need to be sent in an envelope. This type of direct mail is eye-catching and delivers a concise, direct call to action. Postcards can be a great way to bring attention to a specific automotive service or special at a more affordable cost than other forms.

Postcards are a practical direct mail choice if you want to reach new people and broaden your customer base.


Similar to postcards, self-mailers do not require an envelope to be delivered. This direct mail form contains more information than postcards do, meaning they’re slightly bigger in size. Self-mailers can fold open, allowing more space to dive into essential information and current specials.

You may find this type of direct mail to be effective in retaining your current customer base since you can easily capture attention with an immediate call to action and provide extra details without needing an envelope.


Catalogs Featuring vivid images and an aesthetically pleasing design, catalogs are a great way to brand your dealership. This form of direct mail leaves an abundance of space to share top products, inform your audience about any special offers, and provide the most detailed explanation of your services.

Dimensional Mailers

To add an element of depth to your marketing, dimensional mailers can be an effective type of direct mail. It can be sent as either pop-up mail that folds up to reveal pop-up elements or 3D mail, which usually appears in some 3-dimensional shape.

This modern take on traditional mail can add an element of intrigue to your marketing, encouraging more people to engage with your dealership.

Which Direct Mail Type Should I Choose?

With many different types of direct mail, which option is best for your dealership needs? This is where the experienced marketing professionals at Epsilon Individual Automotive step in! We can craft your next direct mail campaign using our collection of automotive data solutions and our in-house production studio.

Our team is here to help throughout your campaign, tracking performance metrics and making adjustments as needed to support your dealership best.

Are you ready to start your next direct mail campaign? Contact us at Epsilon Individual Automotive to start strategizing!