What Does IVR Stand For?

IVR is an incredibly beneficial tool in the interest of improving the customer experience and branding your business as efficient and helpful. What does IVR stand for, and how can this technology help you improve the customer experience? The Aspen Automotive team answers your questions below!

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. This technology consists of an automated phone system designed to assist incoming callers in accessing vital information. Using limited menu options, the pre-recorded or text-to-voice technology can direct callers to the information they need.

If one of the menu options does not fit the caller’s needs, they can be transferred to an employee. This creates a seamless interaction between your customer and your business that supports your customers’ needs and allows your employees to step in when necessary.

What are the Benefits of IVR?

When you integrate IVR technology into your business, you can see a boost in performance and overall customer satisfaction. An IVR system allows your team to provide exceptional service while focusing on other internal operations besides the phones.

Here are some of the top benefits of integrating an IVR system into your business:

Improved Customer Experience

At its core, an IVR system is designed to improve the customer experience. Since phone calls are automated, your customers can receive immediate support. The pre-recorded messaging allows the caller to have their options read and repeated in order to direct them to the right information.

IVR technology also provides accessible communication for all your customers with multilingualism or by offering a callback during an especially busy time.

Improved Productivity

CallerWhen IVR technology takes the bulk of incoming calls, your employees can focus on high-priority tasks without sacrificing customer service. This creates a more productive work environment focused on growth.

Additionally, the total number of calls received throughout the day will decrease as the technology can take care of any minor questions or issues. The faster incoming calls are taken, the more people your business can serve.

Improved Brand Image

IVR can positively affect your business brand. With this technology, you can provide quick, informational support to your customers without interrupting day-to-day tasks. It also means you can serve more individuals over a short period of time.

An improved brand image increases the likelihood of your business being retained as a high-quality option later down the road.

Improved Customer Feedback

At the end of an IVR phone call, the system can prompt the caller to provide feedback on the business or on the services provided during the call. IVR software also has the ability to send out surveys and transfer data back to you.

With easy access to customer feedback, IVR technology can help your business consistently improve its overall service and customer satisfaction.

Contact Aspen Automotive to Integrate IVR Into Your Dealership

The benefits of IVR allow your dealership to become a more focused, more efficient business. If you’re interested in learning more about the integration of IVR in your dealership, contact Aspen Automotive today!