What are 3 Keys to a Successful Direct Mail Marketing Promotion?


A successful direct mail marketing campaign can be a great way to increase brand awareness and help get more drivers in your dealership’s showroom. Epsilon Individual Automotive has been creating direct mail campaigns for various automotive businesses for many years and came up with three keys to a successful direct mail marketing promotion: an effective mailing list, a compelling offer, and a great design.

These keys work together to create an impressive direct mail marketing campaign. Learn how below.

Craft an Effective Mailing List

Stack of EnvelopesYour mailing list is one of the most important factors when creating a successful direct mail campaign. In order to put together an effective direct mailing list, you must ensure that you have a clear goal for your marketing campaign. Are you interested in selling more sedans or increasing the number of visits to your on-site service center? The answer to that question can change who you target.

You can create a concise mailing list with the help of data solutions from Epsilon Individual Automotive. We offer several databases with demographic and vehicle information that can help you narrow your list to those most likely to respond to your offer. For example: If you’re selling luxury vehicles, you may want to target those within a specific income range and who are almost finished with their loan or lease. The Lease/Loan Enders and SureDrive Data tools can help with that.

Create a Compelling Offer

An important aspect of your direct mail marketing campaign is your marketing promotion. This offer will be appealing to the marketing list you’ve already created. The goal of this offer is likely to turn your potential customers into actual customers.

The offer should make those customers want to take advantage of a product or service they’re already considering. This may be a service coupon or a special on a specific type of vehicle.

Personalizing your offer can help establish additional trust and loyalty to your customer. Personal URLs can lead the customer to a page that highlights your offer and directly addresses their needs. You could also introduce the offer by addressing your potential customer by name. These small touches can help make your offer more appealing.

Design Your Direct Mail Piece

Ad DesignHow your design looks can impact the success of your direct mail marketing campaign. Americans receive a lot of mail. Your direct mail piece should be one that grabs attention. There are a few ways to create a noticeable direct mail piece, including:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Photos
  • Font

You can choose direct mail flyers that are a different size and color from traditional American envelopes. This makes your direct mail stand out immediately, drawing eyes. Photos and font options can also grab attention as people flip through their mail for the day.

Our Experts Can Help You Design Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

If you’re planning your next automotive direct mail marketing campaign, the experts at Epsilon Individual Automotive can help. Our data solutions can help craft a mailing list, while our design team can make your direct mail piece stand out among the rest. Contact us to discuss your next direct mail marketing campaign today.