How to Get a Good ROI for Direct Mail

Touchpoints on Direct Mail

Direct mail is a great option for many automotive companies hoping to reach out to potential customers. It has a high return on investment, up to 29%, and a response rate of 5.1%.1

If you want to get the most out of your ROI for a direct mail campaign, then this page is for you. The marketing experts at Epsilon Individual Automotive have put together this page to highlight some of the top tips to get a good ROI for direct mail marketing campaigns.

Personalize Your Direct Mail

Personalized URLSPersonalization has become a popular direct mail marketing tool. Thanks to data solutions, you can learn more about your potential customers and create a direct mail piece that responds to their needs. This may include using their name on your advertisement or offering a personalized URL that sends them to a webpage with their name and vehicle preferences.

When creating personalized direct mail, you show that you care about your customers. In addition, people are more likely to open and pay attention to mail with their name on it. In fact, adding a name and additional pieces of personal information can improve the response rate by 500%. 1

Consider Your Direct Mail Sizing

The size of your direct mail pieces can have a surprising impact on your ROI. Selecting an unusual size can help your direct mail stand out. Postcards, for example, are smaller than standard mail envelopes and cheap to produce. Your business saves money while standing out. The design of your direct mail postcard can help too. Bright colors or images can grab attention away from plain white envelopes that are commonly in people’s mailboxes.

Another trendy option is oversized envelopes. Oversized envelopes have the highest response rate of all direct mail pieces at 5%!2  These envelopes are larger than the standard American mail. They stand out right away in someone’s hands and may prompt them to open them.

Track, Test, and Adjust

SEO dataEvery direct mail marketing campaign has room for improvement. To do better on your next marketing campaign, you need to know how well your last one did. Track the success of your direct mail campaign, whether through surveys, personalized URLs, or website visits, to find out how many people received your direct mail and followed through with a visit or sale.

You can then adjust the approach of your next direct mail campaign. This adjustment may be an increase in direct mail frequency or the creation of an even more targeted mailing list. You may even be able to target those who didn’t respond to your initial direct mail specifically and follow up.

Maximize Your Direct Mail’s ROI with Epsilon Individual Automotive

If you’re interested in maximizing your next mail campaign’s ROI, the team at Epsilon Individual Automotive can help. From the design of your direct mail piece to personalization and technology integration, our team can help with each part of your direct mail campaign.

Contact us to discuss your direct mail campaign and how we can improve your business’s return on investment.