Why Is Traditional Marketing Important?

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Traditional marketing is a term for marketing methods that don’t rely on the Internet. These popular options still significantly impact consumers despite the rise in internet usage.

Epsilon Individual Automotive specializes in traditional marketing methods, like direct mail campaigns. Our experts are here to discuss why traditional marketing is still important and how it can benefit your automotive business.

Traditional Marketing Cuts Through the Digital Noise

MailersOur digital world is full of ads, whether pop-ups, social media posts, banner ads, or videos. The internet is also full of non-advertisement distractions, making it easy for consumers to miss an advertisement for your business.

When someone sees traditional marketing, like a direct mail piece, it cuts through the digital into the physical. That’s because the mailer they’re looking at is actually in their hand. There’s nothing to swipe away or delete.

Traditional marketing is often more accessible for the brain to process and remember than digital marketing, too, so you’re more likely to leave an impression on a customer.

Traditional Marketing Has a Longer Life

Traditional marketing materials often have a longer life than their digital counterparts. The internet moves quickly. There’s always new content to check out, and feeds constantly update. This means digital marketing teams may need to plan posts several times a week to keep up and stay relevant.

Direct mail pieces last longer. When someone receives a piece of advertising mail, they hang onto it in their home for 17 days, on average. This is over two weeks; people may return to the ad to view it again. It provides an opportunity for other household members to check out your direct mail piece for themselves.

Since traditional marketing mail sticks around for so long, you get more mileage out of a single piece. This means you’re overall producing less content, which may be more sustainable for your budget and the environment. Your team can also take extra time to hone your direct mail campaign’s message and goal.

Traditional Marketing Is Considered More Trustworthy

opening mailOn average, Americans find traditional marketing, such as direct mail, more trustworthy than online advertisements.

This perception helps your business establish trust, while also building brand awareness. Older Americans, in particular, find traditional marketing more trustworthy, as they have less experience with online platforms.

While anyone can post digital advertisements, there’s a common notion that when you view traditional advertising, like in a magazine or brochure, it must’ve gone through several approvals to get where it is. This makes the brand seem more legitimate, established, and trustworthy.

Learn More About How Traditional Marketing Can Work for Your Automotive Business Today

Traditional marketing is still an effective way to market your automotive business. If you’re interested in creating a traditional marketing direct mail campaign, the team at Epsilon Individual Automotive can help.

Our team can create your marketing materials, from the design to using our data solutions to integrate personalized details. Contact us to begin your next automotive direct mail marketing campaign today.