Direct Mail for the Digital Age

The internet is everywhere. It’s on our computers, on our phones, and even on our smartwatches. People are more likely to read into an offer or promotion with information that’s readily available online, which is why adapting direct mail for the digital age proves to be a critical step in the right direction for your dealership.

Epsilon Individual Automotive helps your dealership break new ground. Let’s look at some tips you can use to plan a digital-friendly direct mail campaign.

Integrate Digital Tools for Your Next Direct Mailer

digital icons of direct mail connecting people together

Direct mail campaigns can expand your target audience in exciting ways. Using specialized digital channels, you can increase your response rate with personalized marketing methods that integrate customers using their desktop, smartphone, or tablets.

  • QR Codes: Include QR codes on your mailers to link to your website, special landing pages, or social media channels. This makes it incredibly easy for customers to take immediate action—especially when it involves an offer or promotion.
  • Personalized URLs (PURLs): Use PURLs to create custom landing pages tailored to each recipient. These pages can feature specific offers, content relevant to their interests, or pre-fill forms with known customer data.
  • Microsites: These focused, single-purpose websites are designed to support specific campaigns or promotions. For instance, you can provide valuable content or promotions in exchange for contact information to add to your list of leads.

Planning Your Cross-Channel Campaign

By merging digital channels with your direct mailers, your dealership can successfully manage cross-channel campaigns for better reach and results. Epsilon Individual Automotive is happy to help you plan a cross-channel campaign that brings audiences together using creative and digital-friendly methods.

  • Teaser Campaigns: Is your dealership anticipating the arrival of a new model? Direct mail can tease what’s to come by hinting at a bigger online reveal with the use of QR codes, microsites, and PURLs.
  • Contests and Giveaways: Cross-channel campaigns are effective for special giveaways, like with test drives. Launch a contest where participation can be done either by responding to the direct mailer or through a dedicated microsite.
  • Special Promotions: From service center promotions to financing offers, you can plan a cross-channel campaign that includes exclusive codes in your direct mail with the option to redeem specials online.

Stay Up to Date With Real-time Automotive Tracking

man using calculator and digital automotive tracking toolsOrchestrating a direct mail campaign amid a digital landscape requires expertise and a hands-on approach—which is where Epsilon Individual Automotive again comes into play. When you work with our automotive marketing experts, you get access to intuitive and thorough data tracking services to monitor your direct mailers and cross-channel campaigns.

Our Dealer Data Download service prioritizes accurate data. This service retrieves and updates information found in your Dealership Management System to keep your records accurate, no matter what. Plus, our Real-Time Credit Score Data targets your buyers based on their credit scores. We pull information from the three major credit bureaus to better tailor your next direct mail campaign.

No matter what, we’ll keep you in the know as your direct mail campaign reaches your audiences.

Enhance Your Direct Mailers With a Digital Touch

For deeper engagement and focused campaign tracking, consider integrating digital-friendly tools—like PURLs, QR codes, and more—into your direct mailers. By embracing cross-channel strategies and personalization, direct mail in the digital age can drive significant success for your dealership.

Let Epsilon Individual Automotive assist in crafting a direct mail campaign that betters everyday business. Ready to get started? Give us a call or contact us online.