Direct Mail Reach vs. Frequency

Bringing eyes to your dealership may feel like a job in itself but it doesn’t have to be. Rather, by understanding the differences between direct mail marketing reach and frequency, you can enhance your campaign’s flow and impact to bring more attention to your dealership.

Epsilon Individual Automotive has helped over 10,000 individual dealers maximize their marketing strategy since 1986. We want your dealership to be the best and that begins with knowing how to measure your metrics.

Direct Mail Reach

direct mail reaching a young woman at her mailbox

Direct mail reach is the calculation of people who see your advertisements. This plays a pivotal role in your campaign strategy, as it:

  • Focuses on a specific group with targeted offers
  • Identifies new target audiences
  • Prioritizes touchpoints with new customers

Think of reach like this: If you send a mailer promoting a seasonal special to 15,000 homes, your campaign will have a reach of 15,000. Although you have the possibility of those 15,000 people reading your marketing campaign, that number can often be muddled depending on the format of the advertisement.

To maximize your direct mail reach, it’s critical you first understand your target demographic. Because this method can be costly, dealerships with expensive inventories may benefit from targeting neighborhoods with high incomes rather than middle-class or low-income.

Epsilon Individual Automotive will help you craft a reach campaign that builds brand awareness and provides you with key analytics to fine-tune every campaign.

Direct Mail Frequency

Direct mail frequency helps establish your presence around the community. This is done through several methods:

  • Develops relationships with customers
  • Creates diverse touchpoints with new customers
  • Establishes your dealership

Just as your dealership builds relationships with customers as they visit your showroom, direct mail frequency sets the stage for early success by tailoring campaigns toward target audiences. The rule of seven, a century-old marketing strategy, operates under the belief that if a prospective buyer is exposed to your brand or campaign at least seven times, they are more likely to make a purchase.1

However, with direct mail frequency, it’s equally important to know how much to send and how much may be too much. Finding a sweet spot prevents people from potentially tuning out your dealership, while also garnering the interest of potential customers.

When you work with Epsilon Individual Automotive, we’ll create a campaign that uses direct mail frequency to make your dealership shine.

Sweetening the Deal With Reach and Frequency

direct mail in a red mailbox with a pink backgroundBuilding a campaign that sustains interest from current customers and builds relationships with prospective customers is a skill. Epsilon Individual Automotive zeroes in on your agenda to build a marketing strategy that not only hits the sweet spot but enhances your dealership’s growth.

We offer a myriad of direct mail services. Whether you need loyalty promotions, seasonal and holiday promotions, personalized URLs (PURLs), or OEM marketing programs, we’ll work with your dealership to build success with your direct mail reach and frequency campaigns.

Bring More Eyes to Your Dealership

Your dealership deserves a direct mail marketing strategy that keeps business flowing. We’ve found that striking a balance between direct mail reach and frequency plays a pivotal role in creating the framework for long-term success.

Epsilon Individual Automotive is eager to help you maximize profits to sustain the impact you have on your community. We invite you to complete our contact form to get on the road to bettering your day-to-day business with new and returning customers.