Automotive Direct Mail

After soaking up the beautiful sights at Cantigny Park or catching a performance at Paramount Theatre, you want to be sure that your buyers are welcomed home by a convenient, eye-catching direct mailer that helps them begin the car-buying process at your dealership.

With to the expertise of the marketing team at Aspen Automotive, you’ll roll out an automotive direct mail campaign that’s designed to provide you with a solid return on investment and a healthy response rate.

First, it’s important to understand more about our process and why direct mail is a smart choice for any automotive dealership hoping to thrive. Take a look at the handy guide to our automotive direct mail mastery and our knack for creating new business for dealerships across the country.

Our Automotive Direct Mail Process: From Design to Delivery

Direct Mail DesignLooking for effective automotive direct mail near Aurora, IL? If so, the first step is to partner with an automotive advertising agency that addresses each new campaign with an established process that’s resulted in success for multitudes of other dealerships.

Fortunately, that’s precisely what our team of skilled automotive marketing professionals strives for during each and every one of your direct mail strategies. Thanks to our staff of skilled marketers, you’ll have the various phases of your direct mail campaign covered.


Every dealership is unique, which is why our team dedicates our time to ensuring that the design of your direct mailers reflects the brand that you’ve worked so hard to refine.

From the graphics to the images to the colors of your advertisements, we’ll consult you throughout the design process, so that you’re left with a direct mail that speaks to your dealership. After all, the first impression you make on your customers should be one that’s memorable.


Direct Mail DeliveryYour team is on a tight timeline, right? Well, that’s why we’ve created an in-house production facility where we can get most direct deliverables out of our doors and into the mailboxes of your customers within 72 hours.

Plus, our state-of-the-art production center is equipped with the advanced technologies necessary to handle more complex designs, such as custom hand work, document lasering, and more.

Data Solutions

As a dealership, you need access to information that’s relevant to the car-buying process and your targeted audience. Luckily, our data gurus work with a set of exclusive databases that harvest key information about your clients.

For instance, Aspen SureDrive Data identifies the specific year, make, model, purchase date, auto style, and purchase type of potential buyers. That way, you can create an automotive direct mailer that’s personalized and more likely to result in a sale.


personalized URL programTo increase the ease-of-use and customization of your auto direct mailers, it’s essential to incorporate other technologies into the design. By including some of the technology options offered by our team, such as personalized URLs, micro-sites, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) capability, and other platforms, your customers will be able to connect with your dealership in a matter of seconds.

Benefits of Automotive Direct Mail near Aurora IL

One of the most crucial components of an effective automotive direct mail campaign is to incorporate other platforms into your advertisements. Known as omni-channel marketing, this method creates an impressive experience for your shoppers before they even set foot through your showroom doors.

How does omni-channel marketing relate to automotive direct mail? Well, direct mail is a central component, if not the foundation, of the most successful automotive marketing strategies. Check out some of the reasons why direct mail campaigns are still one of the most successful approaches to advertising.

It Receives Attention

Automotive Direct Mail Target AudienceBelieve it or not, people still love receiving things in the mail. In fact, according to Small Business Trends, 80 to 90 percent of direct mail gets opened, while only 20 to 30 percent of email gets opened.1

So, if you’re looking to get your dealership’s message in front of your targeted audience, automotive direct mail is the way to go.

It’s Personalized

Personalization is the key to connecting with your buyers, and there’s no better marketing format for personalization that direct mail.

Whether you include a photo of the car models that your targeted buyers currently own or provide them with an offer that’s relevant to their financing needs, direct mail is the perfect foundation for adding customized details for your customers.

It’s Targeted

Target AudienceBy utilizing data technologies, like the ones we use at Aspen, getting your direct mailers to the customers that are most likely to participate in your offer is easier than ever before. With clean, accurate data, you can target prospective buyers based on their demographics.

Ultimately, having access to the right data allows you to make the personalization you include on your auto direct mailers even more relevant and effective.

Automotive Direct Mail near Aurora IL: Get Started Today!

Above all else, your dealership needs to provide your leads with advertisements that foster communication and result in sales.

With an experienced marketing force like the one at Aspen Automotive by your side, you’ll be armed with the advice and know-how needed for successful automotive direct mail campaigns.

Get the direct mail planning process started by giving us a call or sending us an email today!