Direct Mail MarketingFrom its thirty-seven moveable bridges to the iconic hotdogs named after this city, Chicago brings an entirely unique presence to the Midwest.

To ensure that your dealership’s message reaches high-intent customers in this fascinating metropolis, you need to turn to advertising methods that truly capture attention. Well, that’s where Epsilon Individual Automotive, your direct mail company near Chicago, IL, comes in.

With our automotive marketing expertise and dedication to helping your business stand out from the crowd, we’ll keep your dealership top of mind for buyers in your area.

But just how do we use our direct mail skills to push your business ahead of the advertising curve? Keep reading to learn all about our customized direct mail strategy.

Why Does Direct Mail Marketing Work?

Direct Mail MarketingBefore you commit to a new advertising strategy, you need to know how and why it works, right? That’s why we’re here to give you the lowdown on automotive direct mail marketing and why it’s brought success to showrooms across the nation. Let’s take a look:

What is Direct Marketing?

As one of the many types of direct marketing, direct mail cuts out the advertising middleman (be that a television or radio network), so that you can get your dealership’s offer straight to your targeted audience.

Why is that important? Well, direct marketing and direct mail marketing provide your team with more control over the timing, formatting, and other details of your advertisement. That way, you can be sure that your message is reaching the right people at the right time and with the right message.

By opting for direct mail marketing, you can have more control over the overall theme and message of each of your dealership’s campaigns. As a result, you’ll create a consistent brand identity that your consumers will immediately recognize.

Direct Mail vs Email Marketing

Email Direct MarketingAn advertisement that can be held in your customers’ hands has much more impact than one that only appears on a screen. In fact, it’s this inherent tangibility that makes direct mail one of the most effective advertising approaches in the business.

The physical presence of mail has a far greater impact on shoppers than most might think. According to a study performed by MarketReach, “…mail activates areas of the brain responsible for long-term memory encoding 49 percent more than email and 35 percent more than social media advertising.”1

Due to its memorability, direct mail has a much better chance of cutting through the noise created by the hundred and thousands of digital advertisements that the average customer sees on a daily basis. Instead of blending in with the crowd, automotive direct mail marketing stands out by offering a more personal connection to your targeted audience.

Examples of Direct Mail

Choosing the right direct mail company near Chicago, IL, is all about seeing some result-driven examples in action.

Fortunately, we’re ready to serve up a few samples of different direct mail formats that can help your dealership move ever closer to your sales goals. Some of the most effective direct mail formats are:

In addition to these mailers, taking your message up a notch in terms of audience interaction is as simple as adding a QR code or some other type of augmented or virtual reality.

For instance, if your dealership plans to unveil a brand-new model that’s due to hit your showroom in the coming months, consider adding a scannable QR code or URL to your mailer that the recipients can scan to take a virtual tour of the highly anticipated new model.

This kind of next-level innovation typically results in high response rates to your direct mail campaign and improved customer satisfaction.

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In a world filled with digital advertisements, it’s important for your dealership’s marketing objectives to shine. At Epsilon Individual Automotive, we believe that the way to your audience’s hearts is through their mailboxes.

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