Outbound Dealer CallsWe here at Epsilon Individual Automotive know that you have a lot to do in your day while running a dealership. Between managing a staff and organizing promotions, there’s hardly any time left to make calls to your current clients for maintenance reminders, let alone turning your leads into sales.

Being a tried and true form of marketing, adding an outbound campaign to your marketing strategy is a simple way to see ROIs even faster. How is this possible? Well, keep reading to find out!

What are Outbound Calls?

Credit Data TargetingIn its simplest meaning, outbound calls are a phone calls made by a call center to a potential client on your behalf. However, outbound calls can also be used to communicate with your current clients.

When making these outbound calls, information can be pulled from your client history, or you can generate new leads based on one of our data solutions tools—like Real Time Credit Score Data or our Lease/Loan Enders information. Plus, since we’ve partnered with Epsilon®, a leader in the data solutions industry, you can rest assured you’re getting the best and most current information.

Why Use an Outbound Campaign?

With the digital world, you may be wondering why you should integrate an outbound call campaign into your marketing strategy over something like social media, a seemingly more common form of advertising.

First, outbound calls help generate leads, then turn these leads into customers. This is achieved by reaching out to individuals in your targeted range and learning more about them and their needs. For example, using outbound calls, you can learn more about the financial needs of a certain area, then let those individuals know of a certain financing special you’re running.

Another reason you should integrate outbound calls into your strategy is because, unlike with social media, phone calls establishes a personal connection right away. That’s because these calls connect potential customers with a real person who they can connect with. Thanks to this personal connection, promoting your dealership and services is much easier.

How to Integrate Outbound Calls into Your Campaign

Sales LeadsNow that you know a bit more about outbound calls, let’s take a look at three ways you can incorporate outbound calls into your marketing campaign:

  • Sales, but no service: When someone purchases a car from your dealership, you’ll have their information on hand. You’ll know who purchases what car at what time. You can go through and see those who, after three to six months, haven’t be in for an oil change. After a year, you can see who hasn’t yet come in for routine maintenance. You can use this time to let them know the importance of staying current on routine maintenance and ask if they’d like to schedule their appointment.
  • Recent service: Once you have someone come in for a service appointment, following up is a great way to leave a positive experience, sometimes even a week after the service. Asking basic questions about their experience, how their car is doing, and other cheerful topics can grow trust in your brand.
  • Follow up on leads: Let’s say you run a free eBook promotion in exchange for client information, or you see someone has filled out a parts request form. Using this information is a great way to turn these leads into casual browsers or one-time buyers into frequent customers simply by reaching out.

While these are just a few examples, there really are endless options as to how you can turn leads into customers using outbound calls.

Get Started Today

When it comes to promoting your dealership and services, you’ll see that topics like marketing requires a full-time employee. Since that might not always be possible, let our team of marketing experts help you grow your dealership through outbound calls.

We’ll work with you to use your current client list and leads, then sit back and watch the list grow and generate more income for your dealership. To get started on this easy marketing strategy, simply give our team at Epsilon Individual Automotive a call or email today!