How Proprietary Data Can Maximize your Direct Mail’s ROI

Data Can Maximize your Direct Mail’s ROI

Knowing the behavior of your customers is essential for any business. With the dawn of modern technology, the way in which marketers can track and anticipate the needs of their audience has transformed into a whole new ball game.

Luckily, there are plenty of industry tricks you can use to increase the profits of investing in a highly targeted, data-driven direct mail campaign.

All you have to do is take a look at this guide to how proprietary data can maximize your direct mail’s ROI created by the experts at Aspen Automotive. With these insights, you’ll be fully prepared to make the most of your traffic-increasing advertising strategy.

Improving Direct Mail ROI: Date Hygiene

Data ROIIt’s no secret that accurate proprietary data is at the heart of a strong direct mail campaign. However, before you send out your direct mailers to your customers, it’s important to cleanse the data you currently have.

By doing so, you’ll eliminate any inconsistent or incorrect addresses and other details from the information you already have on your customers. The result? A better chance of your advertisement reaching the right customer at the right time.

In addition, taking time to cleanse the proprietary data you have on your clients helps you determine the habits, tastes, previous purchases, and other details of your customers. That way, you’ll provide your audience with direct mailers that are tailored to their personal needs.

Now that we’ve covered how data hygiene can help you maximize your direct mail’s ROI, let’s check out some of the profit-enhancing benefits of proprietary data.

Proprietary Data & Direct Mail for a Solid ROI


As an essential of any well-planned direct mail marketing strategy, proprietary data acts as a window into the lives of your targeted audience.

That’s why one of the ways in which data can maximize your direct mail’s ROI is simply by bridging the gap between your dealership and your ideal customer.

Not only does proprietary data help you target the right individuals, but it also tells you more about which individuals are your ideal customers.

As a result, you won’t waste money on sending direct mailers to an audience that isn’t likely to participate in your promotion or visit your dealership.

Accurate Data

Data Accuracy Following our first example of how proprietary data can maximize your direct mail’s ROI, you want to ensure that the data you have on your customers is accurate.

Fortunately, our team uses a variety of data services that pull from the most recently updated databases of information. Plus, these exclusive proprietary data lists give you a closer look at your ideal customers by including details, such as:

  • Make, model, year of car
  • Purchase date and purchase type of car
  • Real-time credit scores
  • Lease/loan enders and more

Due to the customer-specific details provided by these proprietary data services, your dealership’s direct mail materials will reach the audience that’s has the highest likelihood of engaging with your offer. All in all, that means a better ROI for your company’s direct mail campaign.

Mailing Lists

Once you’ve identified the recipients of your direct mailers, it’s time to purchase a mailing list that’s suited to the needs of your business. For example, some companies serve up customized mailing lists that adhere to specific parameters that you want to target.

At the end of the day, the efforts you took to filter your audience mailing list to align with the goals of your dealership will equip your dealership with a good return on investment and match the revenue objectives you’ve set.

How Proprietary Data Can Maximize Direct Mail’s ROI: Learn More!

Of course, to learn more about the benefits of proprietary data, it’s important to access a team of marketing leaders who know a thing or two about data’s crucial role in direct mail success.

Well, that’s where the professionals at Aspen Automotive come in. With our expertise, you’ll design a direct mail strategy that’ll deliver the ROI your dealership needs to grow your customer base and your profits.

Don’t wait to find out more about our data services and direct mail options. Instead, give us a call or send us an email today!