Automotive Direct Mail MarketingEveryone needs a car, right? Well, as a local dealership, you want to make sure that individuals in your area know where to go to purchase their next vehicle.

That’s why Epsilon Individual Automotive focuses on providing your dealership with the data insights and resources it needs to target the right audience, including our saturation mailing lists.

Regardless if you’re looking to send your automotive marketing mailers to residences that fall within a certain zip code, neighborhood, or city, our professionals will put together an accurate list of the households included within those parameters.

That way, you’ll get your dealership’s name into the minds of your customers all while running an efficient and cost-effective auto marketing campaign. Let’s take a look at how the saturation process works and why it’s effective!

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What is Saturation Marketing?

Return On Investments Saturation MailingBefore we can dive in and talk about all the ways saturation will boost your ROIs (return on investments), we first need to get into specifics about what saturation marketing is and how it works.

Simply said, using saturation as part of your strategy includes sending a piece of direct mail to every household in one particular area. You can target those who live within five miles of your dealership or 50 miles.

Regardless of the radius you and our marketing experts agree would be most effective for your dealership, everyone will be getting your information in the mail. This means that there are more eyes on your mail, which can help increase brand visibility.

Plus, having paired with Epsilon®, a leader in data technology, you can rest assured that the names, addresses, and more will always be up to date. How is that possible? Well, it is all thanks to SQL.

What is SQL?

Short for Structured Query Language, SQL is a means of communicating with marketing databases. These data bases are where information about your current and potential client’s info is found. For example, you could see the names of individuals living at the same address, their ages, income, and more.

Thanks to the versatility of SQL, you can quickly and easily find and retrieve the data you wish to use, update as needed, or delete if need be. Gone are the days of keeping stacks of client information. Instead, you can now use our saturation tool to quickly find all the information you’ll ever need to efficiently market to all the people who live in one particular area of interest.

Benefits of Saturation Lists

Target Audience Saturation DataWhen it comes to spreading the word about your dealership, it’s important to consider all the facets of your preferred advertising method before putting them into action.

Luckily, saturation mailing lists are an effective marketing method that capitalizes on both your team’s budget and customer awareness. What are the specific advantages of using a saturation mailing list for your next automotive marketing campaign? Let’s take a look:

  • It’s cost effective: By sending your dealership’s mailers in bulk, you’ll have access to the lowest postage rates available through the USPS. So, if you’re a newly established dealership or want to edge out the competition, saturation lists are a perfect way to make a positive, lasting impression on your consumers.
  • It reaches a large audience: Put simply, saturation mailing lists work, because they connect your dealership to nearly every household or residence in a given area. The more eyes that you can get on your marketing materials, the more likely the recipients are to purchase a vehicle from you.
  • It’s accurate: As marketing data leaders, the team at Epsilon takes pride in our ability to provide our clients with clean, accurate data that can guide your campaigns toward success. This dedication to accurate information includes our saturation mailing services. Not only do we utilize databases that filter out repeat addresses and other data inconsistencies, but we also tailor your mailing list to fit the specific marketing needs of your dealership.

Efficient Saturation Marketing: Our Approach

Credit Data Targeting Saturation MailLong gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all automotive marketing methodology. With the power that the exclusive databases at our auto marketing agency give us, we can help your dealership achieve any type of revenue or business goal.

From saturation mailing lists to credit score targeting and everything between, our data analysts harness information from a variety of advanced resources to fuel successful auto marketing strategies.

Once you’ve decided on how you’ll utilize our saturation data, you’ll next work with our team of design specialists. They’ll use their knowledge of color theory, photography, graphic design, and overall art expertise to capture the perfect image you have in your head. Once the rough draft of your mailer is complete, they’ll get right to work in crating your saturation direct mailer.

In addition to that, we have an in-house production facility, too. Here, we’ll quickly get your mailers printed, stuffed, sealed, and sent to the post office. How fast? Since we’re the largest printing facility in the industry, we can get your mailers to the post office typically within 72 hours—now that’s fast!

In addition to our expedited production process, taking advantage of our production facility ensures that your marketing mailers comply with USPS guidelines like Walk Sequence.

Automotive Direct Mailers Saturation DataA Walk Sequence is a way for your dealership to save some extra money on postage by pre-sorting the mail. Our team will work during the final steps of the production process to make sure each piece of mail is properly addressed alphabetically sorted by street lane and then numerically sorted based on street numbers.

Thanks to our commitment to accuracy and compliance, you’ll lead your next saturation mail campaign without a hitch.

Saturation Data: Learn More Today!

At Epsilon Individual Automotive, we like to think of ourselves as pioneers of advanced marketing technology. So, if you’re planning to roll out an automotive marketing strategy that connects you with a substantial pool of prospective buyers, it’s time for you to find out more about our saturation mailing list capabilities.

To get started, simply give us a call or send us an email today!