Auto Target Audience

When it comes to helping your customers get the information they need to purchase a vehicle from your dealership, you first need to determine who in your targeted audience are the most qualified buyers.

Well, thanks to the advancements made in automotive marketing data, it’s easier than ever before to home in on customers within a certain credit score range. How can you tap into that kind of information, though? By partnering with an automotive marketing data leader like Aspen Automotive.

With our data solutions, like our Autoproval database, we’ll help you craft auto marketing campaigns that make a lasting, positive impression on your audience and push them to purchase their next vehicle at your dealership.

Let’s learn more about this innovative data resource and the benefits of mining accurate credit score data.

What Is Autoproval?

Credit Score DataWhat if we said that you could narrow down your customer pool to only the individuals that fall within a certain credit score range with a few simple clicks? Fortunately, Autoproval serves this exact purpose.

As a portal of accurate credit scores for all your customers, this database provides you with the ability to choose the credit score range you’re looking to target in your next automotive marketing campaign.

Thanks to the Live Credit Data File, all you have to do is determine the credit range that’s most likely to participate in certain programs or qualify for an upcoming offer and design your dealership’s strategy around that.

As a result, you’ll ensure that only those who can qualify for a pre-qualified auto loan will receive such an incentive in their mailboxes.

Why Is Accurate Automotive Marketing Data Important?

Automotive Marketing Data

Now that you know a little bit more about our Autoproval database, it’s time to look at this portal through the lens of accurate marketing data as a whole.

First, consider the results of a survey performed by Ascend2 and Research Partners: “Improving marketing data quality is not only a most important objective, it is also a critical challenge to marketing data success for nearly half (46%) of marketing influencers.”1

With this statistic in mind, you can begin to understand the significance that clean, accurate data has on the success of any given dealership. But what are some of the reasons for its crucial role in automotive marketing campaigns? Take a look at these helpful points:

  • Car BuyingPromotes Brand Integrity: Think about it: if you receive an advertisement that doesn’t resonate with your lifestyle, needs, or habits in any way, you’re not likely to give the businesses who sent the marketing materials much credit. Instead, consulting accurate data, including credit score data, allows you to personalize your dealership’s advertisements to speak directly to your targeted audience. Ultimately, this cultivates a positive first impression for your potential buyers.
  • Improves Customer Satisfaction: Following our first point, by enhancing the personalization of your marketing materials with the help of accurate credit score data, you’ll send pre-approval offers to only the audience who can take advantage of your dealership’s incentive. Thus, you’ll know that the buyers you’re targeting can successfully opt into your offer.
  • Increase ROI: Without the risk of incorrect credit score information and other inaccurate data, your team can maximize the return on your automotive marketing campaign. That way, you’ll only spend your budget sending advertisements to the right consumers at the right time.

Learn More About Autoproval Today!

At Aspen Automotive, our priority is providing our clients with the necessary means to take your auto marketing strategies to the next level.

So, before you start planning your next financing campaign, learn more about all the data solutions our marketing gurus have to offer, such as Autoproval. To get started, all you have to do is give us a call or send us an email today!