Holiday Promotions

It’s no surprise that customers spend big during the holidays—with gifts to give and parties to host, the average buyer is geared up to purchase once the season of shopping arrives.

Well, that means that it’s important for your dealership to take advantage of the increased sale opportunities that are associated with the holidays by constructing an automotive marketing program that attracts leads to your dealership.

Luckily, the professionals at Epsilon Individual Automotive have years of experience in putting together multi-channel, comprehensive holiday promotions that’ll help you end your business year with a boost of revenue. Ready to check them out? Take a look at the resources on this page!

Seasonal Marketing Campaigns: The Benefits

Customer TrafficFirst, let’s consider some of the major benefits that come with holding annual holiday promotions and special programs at your dealership. Some of the perks associated with data-driven seasonal specials are as follows:

  • More customer traffic: With the holidays afoot, you can expect to see a higher number of buyers walking through your showroom doors. So, to maximize on the boost in revenue associated with higher customer volume, you’ll want to set up an exclusive, seasonal special. That way, new leads and your return consumers will be more likely to choose your dealership over another.
  • Loyalty program promotion opportunities: Thanks to the increased traffic flowing through your showroom doors, the holidays are the perfect opportunity to highlight all the perks that come along with being a customer of your dealership. For instance, providing strangers with information about your loyalty program on the same advertisement that includes your holiday specials is a great way to convince one-time or impulse buyers to stick around.
  • Increased emotion-based buying: Impulse buying is synonymous with the holiday season. That’s why encouraging emotion-based buying from your customers by presenting them with a tempting seasonal offer is an essential component of making the most of the holidays.

Accomplishing this is as simple as infusing your auto marketing campaign with seasonal colors and warm wishes. As a result, you’ll instill positive emotions into your message and increase the likelihood of impulse purchases.

How to Execute a Successful Holiday Promotion

Seasonal Promotions

As one of the major benefits of the holiday season, urgency is what pushes people to raid Black Friday sales and promotional events in search of the perfect holiday gifts for their loved ones.

Loyalty ProgramWith that in mind, the key to a successful holiday season is to create a sense of urgency around your special. By inserting time-sensitive coupon codes onto your direct mailers and a countdown timer onto your dealership’s social media advertisements, you’ll push your buyers to make a decision before time runs out.

On top of that, using data on your customers is a surefire method to personalizing your holiday promotions to fit their habits, lifestyles, and needs.

So, instead of offering one seasonal special for every buyer, adjust the messaging, imagery, and even the incentive to align with what different demographics within your customer base are looking for.

Not only does this pit your dealership as a caring business that wants to help its consumers find the ideal holiday gift, but it also puts your dealership’s budget to good use.

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