13 Reasons Why Direct Mail Isn’t Dead

5 Ways Direct Mail Marketing Can Benefit You

With so many forms of media to choose from, marketing has changed drastically in recent years. When at one time you might rely on paper advertising or television and radio, the internet has revolutionized things.

However, at Aspen Automotive, we understand that sometimes traditional methods are the most effective. And despite an ever-changing marketing landscape, direct mail can still get amazing results.

1.  Your Message is Bound to Reach the Customer

Stop for just a moment and consider how many ads you might see in a single day. You pass billboards on the highway, scroll through promotions on the web, and hear commercials on the radio. But how many of them are you actually paying attention to?

While the sheer flood of these ads can grab a customer’s attention over time, they may also be reduced to background noise. Direct mailers, on the other hand, demand a closer look.

Think about it, when something lands in your mailbox, you don’t just throw it away without a good once-over. With direct mail marketing, your message is bound to be seen.

2. You’re Reaching Out to the Right Demographic

When we here at Aspen Automotive craft a direct mail campaign, we’re using tons of mailing lists, metrics, and specialized technology to determine who exactly your promotion should be sent to. This kind of focus is guaranteed to meet the mark. Ultimately, the closer to home your ad hits, the more likely a consumer will be to respond to it.

3. You’ll Have Flexibility

When you have an exact demographic (or two), it’s not hard to individualize your promotion. For example, a car dealership may have a special financing promotion targeted to customers in a specific credit bracket.

With all this customer information at your disposal, it won’t be hard to alter promotions to favor one over the other (and then vice versa). This kind of flexibility makes all customers feel valued, regardless of what their specific needs may be.

4. You’ll Have Measurable Results (Direct Mail ROI)

By sending out physical coupons and promotional materials, your success will be more measurable. All you have to do is include a specific code on the promotion – something that you can key in later – and your success is easily logged.

Knowing what worked and what didn’t will help in crafting even more successful promotions the next time around.

5. You’ll Save Money (Direct Mail Cost Savings)

Commercials, billboards, and web ads can allow you to reach a wide audience. However, they’re also expensive.

With a little extra printing, you can reach just as wide of an audience with a direct mail campaign. But since you’re only printing on paper, ultimately, it’s going to be much cheaper.

Ready to Explore the Direct Mail Marketing Route?

While these are some of the biggest benefits of choosing direct mail for your next marketing campaign, you’re sure to find even more once you get started. To learn more about how direct mail can help your business, contact our team at Aspen Automotive today.