How to Use QR Codes in Your Direct Mail Campaign

Capturing the attention of your target audience is essential in marketing. While direct mail has been doing that for ages, including innovative tools like QR codes gives your campaign another way to draw in consumers.

What’s the best way to use QR codes though? Is it really necessary to include them in your mailers? At Epsilon Automotive, we’ve worked on thousands of direct mail marketing campaigns over the years, so we know just how useful those strange-looking little codes can be. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at how to use QR codes in your next direct mail campaign.

How QR Codes Work

Direct Mail MarketingThere’s a pretty good chance that you already know a bit about QR codes. After all, they’ve been featured everywhere, from restaurant menus to television commercials. What makes them such a valuable tool for marketers though?

Well, these codes offer an easy way to direct leads, return customers, and the general public to whatever website or landing page you want them to see. Since they’re easy to add and incorporate into your campaign, it’s an efficient way to interact with your audience.

Plus, they’re extremely easy. All you need to access them is a smartphone. Since they can bring people to your page in seconds, it’s no wonder that QR code is short for quick response code.

Using QR Codes in Direct Mailers

Adding QR codes to your direct mail is a simple yet effective way to bridge the gap between mailers and digital marketing. The fact that QR codes are printed on physical mail works to their advantage too.

Think about it, how many times have you missed an email, or not checked your email because you received so many? On the flip side, you only get so many pieces of mail per day, which means you’re more likely to actually read it. When that mail includes a QR code, it gives the reader the power to choose if or when they’re going to look up the offer online.

Additionally, QR codes are incredibly easy to put on the page too. They don’t need to be flashy or big. Let the rest of the mailer draw the audience in with colors and interesting copy. A well-crafted call to action is all you need to point the reader to the QR code that you want them to scan.

What to Use QR Codes For

QR CodeAs far as marketing tools go, QR codes are some of the most versatile. They can be used for everything from offers to agreeing to receive updates. When it comes to the automotive industry, car dealerships can use QR codes to promote services and offers such as:

  • New vehicles for sale
  • Holiday sales offers
  • Service reminders
  • Coupons for parts
  • Customer loyalty programs

Learn More About Adding QR Codes to Your Campaign

To unlock the full potential of QR codes in your direct mail marketing campaign, reach out to Epsilon Individual Automotive. From our data solutions to our in-house production studio, our experts can help you add strategic QR codes to your next campaign.