The Top Types of Direct Mail Auto Dealers Should Send to Their Customers

Keeping current customers and potential leads informed about everything you have to offer is top-of-mind for your dealership.

Fortunately, direct mail is a perfect way to engage strangers and delight your loyal clients. What are the top types of direct mail auto dealers should send to their customers? The marketing professionals from Aspen Auto Marketing are here to provide you those insights.

Let’s take a look at some of the best direct mail techniques that’ll maintain the interest of your returning customers and catch the eyes of your targeted audience.

Model Release

 The Top Types of Direct Mail Auto Dealers Should Send to Their CustomersThere’s not much that turns heads quite like a new model or recently redesigned vehicle. Not only do those cars include new technologies, but they also give your buyers the chance to get their hands on a vehicle that stands out from the crowd.

That’s why it’s essential for your dealership to send out direct mailers that feature information about new models. This will keep your targeted audience and previous customers who purchased similar automobiles in the know about what’s headed to your showroom.

PURL Mailers

Regardless if you’re reaching out to new customers or engaging with car owners who may need service, one way to delight any audience is with a personalized URL (PURL) mailer.

Included on the site is any information that could apply to your client, such as recent service visits, previous purchases, and more. Thanks to the tailored nature of PURL mailers, your audience will feel truly cared for by your dealership.

To make this advertising technique even more successful, you can set up notifications that’ll alert your dealership when a customer accesses their information using the PURL. That way, your professionals can follow up with them to assist with whatever they need.


 The Top Types of Direct Mail Auto Dealers Should Send to Their CustomersIt’s no secret that people like to be praised for their decisions, and this sentiment is no less true for car buyers.

By creating a direct mail marketing campaign that sends congratulatory messages to your customers, they’re more likely to feel good about their decision to buy a car from your dealership.

As a result of those positive feelings, your business will see more referrals, returning customers, and positive reviews, all of which lead to a better return on investment for you.

Financing Offers

In addition to keeping your audience in the loop, direct mail marketing allows you to refine the recipients of your financing offer direct mailers.

By categorizing your customers by credit score and income bracket, you can more effectively reach out to the individuals who have a higher chance of partaking in your special.

For example, if one of your leads has been on the fence about purchasing a new vehicle, reaching out to them with a financing offer in the form of direct mail is likely to sway them to visit your dealership.

Service Specials

Even the most informed car owners don’t always know about local service specials. So, to keep your targeted demographic updated on your dealership’s most popular maintenance and repair offers, service special direct mail is a must.

 The Top Types of Direct Mail Auto Dealers Should Send to Their CustomersTo make your direct mail marketing strategy as timely as possible for the right audience, keep track of your mailing list and send your ad when their next service appointment is approaching. That’ll increase the chances of your leads opting into the promotion.

Choose the Right Direct Mail for Your Dealership!

At Aspen Auto Marketing, we’ve helped over 10,000 auto dealers reach their revenue goals by crafting a customized direct mail marketing campaign that’s ideal for your dealership’s needs.

With the expertise of our team, you’ll be equipped with a successful advertising strategy that speaks to your audience and keeps your customers coming back to your business.

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