The Best Direct Mail Letters

The Best Direct Mail LettersAs a business, your goal is to reach your customers in a way that both increases potential leads and helps your clients feel cared for. By achieving this delicate balance of audience communication, you’ll delight your targeted demographic and boost traffic to your dealership.

Luckily, direct mail letters are a surefire way to help your audience learn more about your upcoming offers and engage with the right individuals at the right time. What makes a great direct mail letter?

Well, the direct mail marketing professionals at Aspen Automotive are here with these tips for the best direct mail letters. Let’s check them out!

1.)   Keep It Personal

Direct Mail Marketing Instead of addressing your targeted audience as a professional, it’s more effective to use friendly, casual language in a direct mail letter. In doing so, your customers will feel as if they’re conversing with a friend, rather than a dealership prospect.

Not only will this set the tone for future communication with your potential clients, but it’ll also leave them with a positive feeling about your automotive business.

2.)   Be Straightforward

The best direct mail letters provide the reader with information about the program, promotion, or offer from the get-go.

Instead of beating around the bush, avoid generalizations and dive into the details that’ll matter most to your audience at the beginning of the letter. That way, you’ll maintain the reader’s attention from start to finish.

3.)   Write for Your Audience

The Best Direct Mail LettersFrom the onset of your direct mail marketing strategy, you should be doing some research on your target demographic. Based on the education level of your audience, try to write your letter in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand.

By using smaller words and simpler language throughout your direct mail letter, you’re more likely to see a solid return on your investment and have more people participate in your program or promotion.

4.)   Highlight the Benefits

When you’re trying to sell a product to your audience, it pays to use your direct mail letter to highlight the benefits rather than explain the details using technical language.

Thanks to your focus on the product’s benefits, your targeted audience will have a thorough understanding of what they’ll gain. As a result, they’re more likely to participate in what you’re offering.

5.)   Use a Clear Call-To-Action

The Best Direct Mail LettersStudies show that when a reader is presented with a clear next step, there’s a higher chance that they’ll follow your instructions.

So, while you’re designing your direct mail letter, make sure to include a straightforward call-to-action that clearly guides your customers to the steps they need to take to opt into your dealership’s offer.

6.)   Make It Short and Sweet

Think about it: when you open a letter in the mail, you’re more likely to read something that’s short. That’s why the best direct mail letters usually span no more than a page in length.

By keeping your letter concise, even your busiest clients will have a chance to read through your offer and learn more about your dealership.

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