Direct Mail: How it is Still Winning in Modern Marketing Age

Future of Direct Mail Marketing

In the era of modern technology, your automotive business needs something truly engaging to help you stand out from the crowd of other dealerships.

The key to reaching your sales goals is as simple as incorporating a tech-savvy direct mail strategy into your digital advertising campaign. In fact, direct mail has proven itself to be far more effective in driving traffic to your showroom than other marketing options.

To learn more about how direct mail is still winning in the modern marketing age, let’s take a look at some of these keen insights brought to you by the experts at Aspen Automotive.

Direct Mail & Digital: A Winning Team

Future of Direct Mail First and foremost, direct mail adds a tangible element to your campaign that otherwise wouldn’t exist with only a digital marketing strategy.

Why is tangibility so important? Due to the sheer amount of digital advertisements each person sees per day, direct mail provides a more personal experience for your targeted audience, which makes your message stick in the minds of your customers.

When asked which advertising method they prefer, 73 percent of consumers said that they prefer direct mail over other digital advertising techniques.1

Plus, recent updates to direct mail allow you to use a font that mimics a handwritten letter to make your customers feel even more cared for.

Once you’ve designed an eye-catching direct mailer that’s sure to help your audience learn more about your dealership, you can incorporate digital advertising methods into your message.

For example, PURLs (personal URLs) present a customized web address that features your customer’s name where they can find more information about a new program or offer.

Thanks to the visual memorability of the direct mailer, the personalization of your message, and the ease of digital technology, you’ll provide your ideal customer with the perfect springboard from which to begin engaging with your business.

Highly Targeted Data

Data Marketing On top of that, direct mail ensures that your company can personalize your message to align with your ideal customer.

By doing some research on the demographics that are most likely to participate in your dealership’s offer or promotion, you’ll make sure that receive a solid return on investment for your direct mail program.

Not only will your mailers reach the right customers at the right time, but you’ll also tailor your message to fit the needs of prospective leads. As a result, you’ll have a better chance of encouraging those direct mail recipients to choose your dealership.

Additionally, direct mail data helps you track the success of your campaign by measuring the amount of responses received.

So, if you include a coupon code or response number on your direct mail, your team can assess the results by determining how many codes were used versus the number of direct mailers sent.

After you’ve done the math, you’ll know where your dealership needs to improve to reach your revenue goals and help your business thrive.

How Direct Mail is Still Winning in the Modern Marketing Age: Learn More!

At Aspen Automotive, we’re committed to assisting automotive businesses in building a solid profit and generating leads with a comprehensive direct mail strategy.

By using our expertise and exclusive direct mail programs, you’ll harness the power of a time-tested direct mail campaign that names a name for itself in the modern marketing age.

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