Automotive Direct Mail Marketing and Millennials: Why It Works

Automotive Direct Mail Marketing and Millennials

No matter where you go these days—whether you’re walking around the office or spending the day at the park—everyone seems to be zeroed in on their devices.

As a result of this trend, it’s only logical to assume that the generation most closely associated with smartphone use, millennials, probably loves the age of website advertisements and e-mail marketing, right?

Wrong. In fact, despite the rise of mobile technology, the automotive marketing methods that reign supreme are the ones that end up in your customers’ mailboxes. That’s right: direct mail satisfies consumers and results in lead conversions far more than its digital counterpart.

How does direct mail remain the advertising heavy-hitter? To learn more, check out this guide to Direct Mail Marketing and millennials created by the team at Aspen Automotive.

Direct Mail & Millennials: The Power of Print

Automotive Direct Mail Marketing Despite the fact that many people spend a significant portion of their days absorbed in the content on their smartphone or tablet screens, there’s something about print advertising that digital marketing simply can’t match.

According to a study performed by the United State Postal Service and the Center for Neural Decision         Making at Temple University’s Fox School of Business, people of all ages spend more time with physical ads.1

Due to the extra attention your consumers may potentially give to your dealership’s direct mailer, your automotive advertisement is more likely to have an impact.

In addition, the same study found that print ads illicit a more powerful emotional response from millennials and other individuals and were easier to remember.1

A similar study performed by the Canada Post found comparable results to those of the USPS. For instance, direct mail activated a 20 percent higher motivational response in the brain than digital advertisements.1

As a result, your targeted consumers have a higher chance of taking the effort to reach out to your dealership when they view a print advertisement as opposed to a digital ad.

Less Effort = Higher Engagement

Even though smartphones make it easier for individuals to access all their information on one screen, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your consumers are absorbing your message or even looking at your digital advertisements.

In actuality, almost half of all millennials ignore digital ads, while only 15 percent of individuals from the same age group ignore direct mail. So, if you’re looking to snag a solid return on your dealership’s advertising investment, automotive direct mail is the way to go.

The Bigger (and The Boxier), the Better

Automotive Gift Card Let’s face it: customers respond to mail that stands out from the typical white envelope, and that’s no different for millennials. At the end of the day, your audience is more likely to open a direct mailer if it’s a unique shape or size.

Whether you opt for a promotional gift encased in a small box or a large, yellow envelope with a branded calendar or vehicle brochure inside, mixing things up is a great way to keep the fresh, young minds of your millennial audience engaged.

Plus, the types of offers included in your automotive direct mail campaign are just as important as the box or envelope it comes in. So, if your upcoming campaign is targeting millennials consumers, you’ll have the highest response rates from these types of direct mail offers2:

  • Buy One, Get One Free
  • Gift cards
  • Percent off your total purchase
  • Free gifts and more

Thanks to the perks you provide your audience in your direct mail materials, your dealership will have a better chance of successfully reaching your revenue and business goals year after year.

Automotive Direct Mail Marketing for Millennials: Learn More!

Now that you know more about why automotive direct mail marketing works for millennials, it’s time for you to use these tips to create a successful marketing strategy.

Before you begin, make sure you have advanced marketing technologies and a team of experts on your side, like the ones you’ll find at Aspen Automotive.

Get started on a data-driven, millennial-minded marketing strategy that aligns with your dealership’s objectives by giving us a call or sending us an email today!