Top Social Media Strategies for Car Dealerships

Automotive Social Media Strategies

Long gone are the days where the Internet was used solely for business purposes. With the dawn of social media, the Internet now acts as a hub where we connect with loved ones, start new friendships, and stay in touch with acquaintances all across the globe.

The same goes for your dealership’s social media platforms. By harnessing the power of these outlets, you’ll foster new connections with potential buyers and cultivate the relationships that you already have with your existing customers.

Of course, before you hop onto Facebook® and make a profile with your auto dealer, it’s important to understand the most effective ways to improve customer engagement using social media.

That’s why the experts at Aspen Automotive are here to tell you more about the top social media strategies for car dealerships. Before long, you’ll be posting and tweeting your way to better brand authority.

Best Social Media Strategies for Car Dealerships

Social Media Platforms First, let’s understand a little bit more about the impact that your dealership’s social media presence could have on potential buyers. According to GoDaddy, seven out of 10 consumers expect a business to have active, regularly updated social media accounts.1

With that kind of statistic at play, it’s apparent that running a healthy lineup of content-rich social platforms is crucial to the overall success and growth of your automotive dealer.

Now that we’re clear on that, check out these top social media strategies that’ll elevate your reach to new and current customers alike:

Get to Know the Team

For the most part, social media platforms, such as Instagram, should be used primarily to build relationships with your buyers and spread the word about your dealership.

Well, one of the best ways to nurture closer connections with your customers is by helping them get to know the members of your automotive business’s team.

For instance, each week, you could feature an Instagram post of one of the sales professionals, service technicians, or anyone else who works at your dealership.

Then, add a short profile about their skills and a few fun facts about their lives, and there you have it: the perfect way to help your customers feel more connected to every member of your auto dealership.

Local News Updates (Especially, Traffic-/Road-Related News)

Local News Update Customers like to feel as though they’re cared about. Luckily, social media serves as a convenient way to provide your consumers with content that’s relevant to their health and safety.

Among all the social media platforms, Twitter is one of the best soapboxes on which you can keep your buyers updated on local news that relates to driving.

Things like seasonal road closures, accident reports, and detour routes are all newsworthy updates that you can post on your dealership’s Twitter account.

New Model Releases

Got a highly anticipated new model headed to your dealership? If so, your dealership’s Instagram is a perfect place to stir up excitement about the upcoming release. As the date of the vehicle’s arrival in your showroom nears, post weekly photos of the model with reminders on the exact release date.

By doing so, you’ll keep all interested customers in the know about when they should plan to visit your dealership. Plus, your consumers can comment back and forth on your post and tag their friends and family members, which ultimately helps spread the word about the new model.

How to Incorporate an Automotive Social Media Strategy

Automotive Social Media After you’ve thought long and hard about some of the top social media strategies for car dealerships that we listed above, you’ll likely be eager to get started.

However, before you create Facebook®, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for your dealership, it’s crucial to set up a game plan. Start out with these steps:

Step 1: Consider your dealership’s current social media presence.

  • Are we making full use of our current social media accounts?
  • What types of content are we currently providing our customers and how can we improve that content?
  • Are there other social media platforms we should join?

Step 2: Determine your target audience.

  • What type of driver should I cater to when creating a social media post?
  • Which demographics is my ideal customer apart of? (Location? Age? Gender? Household income? Occupation?)
  • How do I customize our profiles’ posts to meet this audience’s needs?

Social Media Data Step 3: Choose your dealership’s goals.

  • What areas of our business model need improvement?
  • Are we looking to increase conversion rates, lead generation, clicks, social shares, or another type of metric?
  • How will we measure the results of our new social media strategy?

Step 4: Decide which medium to utilize in your future posts.

  • Will our targeted audience respond more to videos, images, interviews, or blog posts?
  • Which medium should we use most on Twitter vs. Instagram vs. Facebook®?
  • How will we track our content schedule?

Learn More About the Top Social Media Strategies for Car Dealerships Today!

At Aspen Automotive, we’re committed to helping dealerships across the country achieve their business objectives by tapping into the strength of a robust social media marketing strategy.

To increase customer engagement and promote an authoritative brand image for your auto dealer, it’s time for your team to get social by choosing an experienced automotive advertising agency. All you have to do to begin is give us a call or send us an email today!