What Direct Mail Type is Best for Your Business?

When creating your direct mail campaign, one of the first things you’ll do is select the type of mailer you want to send out. There are plenty of options, from postcards to brochures to catalogs. With all these options, sometimes you need an expert to help you choose the best option.

The experts at Epsilon Individual Automotive can help you determine the best direct mail type for your automotive business.

Choosing the Best Direct Mail Type for Your Campaign

Best types of direct mail to send for your businessWhen choosing the best direct mailer for your marketing campaign, consider the information you want to convey to your potential customer. Is your campaign to highlight a current sales promotion, or are you hoping to move more SUVs off your dealership’s lot? The amount of information your potential customer needs to respond to your campaign’s call-to-action may dictate the right size of your mailer.

Another important aspect of your campaign to keep in mind is your budget. Some direct mail types are more expensive than others. If your budget is tight, something small and easy to print, like a postcard, is going to help you reach more people than a catalog.

As you craft your mailer, consider your automotive business’s brand. If you’re a luxury vehicle designer, opting for sleeker, higher-end photos and elegant text will help keep your brand consistent and recognizable. Your branding should be consistent across marketing methods.

Direct Mail Types With the Highest Response Rates

Some direct mail pieces have higher response rates across the board than others, which include:

  • Oversized envelopes
  • Postcards
  • Dimensional mailers

Oversized envelopes have the highest response rate, up to five percent.1 This type of direct mail is partially successful due to its size. Oversized mailers stand out in hand and against other pieces of mail someone received that day.

Postcards are directly behind oversized envelopes, with a response rate of around 4.25 percent.1 The size of postcards makes them different than other traditional letters that someone sees in their mailbox. Postcards also come with the opportunity to show off fun colors or eye-catching images that leads can look at immediately.

Dimensional mailers, which are mail pieces with unconventional mail shapes like tubes or boxes, have the third highest response rate at four percent.1  This type of mailer stands out because of its unique shape. They can also be filled with swag and different presentation styles that put you at the forefront of your customer’s mind.

Personalization Makes a Difference Across All Direct Mail Types

create a direct mail campaigns for your business Personalization can make a big difference to whatever direct mail option you choose. Using data from data solutions like the ones we offer at Epsilon Individual Marketing, you can create direct mail pieces that incorporate your lead’s name, select who on your mailing list receives specific promotions, and even create personalized URLs that lead them to a page on your website.

Direct mail pieces with personalization have higher response rates and generate more customer leads.

Start Your Next Direct Mail Campaign Today

You can start your next automotive direct mail campaign with the help of the experts at Epsilon Individual Automotive. From design to data to mailing lists, our team can create a direct mail piece that brings in business. Contact us to learn more about our direct mail services today.



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