How to Use Social Media Marketing for Your Dealership

By now, you know how critical a robust social media marketing plan is to ensure the success of your dealership. From raising brand awareness to connecting with potential leads, and everything between, automotive social media marketing is a core component of any advertising strategy.

But, what’s next? How do you use social marketing for your dealership in a way that keeps you at the forefront of your customers minds?

Well, the social media marketing masters at Aspen Automotive are here to help you build a campaign that positions your team as an industry leader and automotive authority. Before long, you’ll be posting your way to a solid ROI.

Step 1: Set Your Goals

Every business achievement starts with a well-defined goal, and an effective automotive social media marketing strategy is no different. By setting measurable goals, you can more easily the various steps that your dealership needs to take to reach your objective.

For the most part, goals that follow the S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) methodology help you measure how far you are from the finish line. As an example, let’s say that your dealership is looking to boost customer engagement on Instagram.

Using the S.M.A.R.T approach, you’ll define the finer points of your objective by identifying the daily, weekly, or monthly rate at which your team plans to post content, the engagement actions you want your leads to take, and the rate at which you want to boost engagement within a certain time frame. All in all, this technique allows you to determine how likely you are to achieve your goal.

Step 2: Track Social Media Marketing Metrics

With your new automotive social media marketing goal defined, you now want to ensure that you’re tracking the right metrics. Depending on the social media platform for which you’re setting a goal.

So, if we’re following the example from step one and measuring customer engagement, you’ll want to focus on the following metrics:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Retweets
  • Shares
  • Post Engagement Rate
  • Mentions

Of course, your dealership’s goal will affect which metrics you track, so make sure to focus on the metrics that correspond to what you’re aiming to achieve.

Step 3: Get to Know Your Audience

Thanks to data, automotive marketers have an endless supply of information about customers at their fingertips. The key, however, is to use this information to your advantage.

With the insights provided by social media analytics, your dealership can identify the specific demographics of those who engage with your social media ads on Facebook®, retweet a Twitter post, or follow you in Instagram®.

These insights serve up huge benefits while you’re building a social media marketing campaign. By harnessing these demographics, you can personalize the details of your advertisement to speak directly to your consumers’ needs. The result? Better response to your ads and more revenue for your dealership.

Step 4: Create Relevant Content

Finally, we’ve arrived at the fun part: rolling out some of that creative, data-infused content on your dealership’s social media profiles.

Despite what you may think, though, more isn’t always more when it comes to Twitter, Facebook®, YouTube™, and the like. According to Sprout Social, “Too many promotional messages not only annoy followers, they also cause 46% of people to unfollow a brand.”1

With this in mind, it’s important to consider some of the best tactics for creating automotive social media posts that keep your followers interested without crowding up their feed. Looking for a quick way to send out a customer-backed post? Focus on user generated content.

By posting a photo, video, or comment that a user tagged to your brand, you’ll show your followers that your dealership’s buyers consistently praise your business. What better way to encourage prospective customers to engage with you?

How to Use Social Media Marketing for Your Dealership: Learn More Today!

So, there you have it: a few of our tried and true tips on how to use social media marketing for your dealership. To ensure that you’re using all aspects of the social media world to your advantage, it’s best to partner up with an experienced automotive marketing agency like Aspen Automotive.

With our expertise, we’ll make sure you meet your social media objectives year after year. Let’s begin the conversation today! All you have to do is give us a call or send us an email.