Understanding HTML in Emails

Email HTML

As the framework of responsive, lead-generating email campaigns, it’s important to understand the basics of HTML coding so that you can build a successful strategy that generates revenue for your dealership.

But what exactly are HTML-based automotive emails, and how can you create one that aligns with your dealership’s brand image?

Well, to find out, look no further than this helpful guide created by the HTML marketing professionals at Aspen Automotive. After you’ve read through our tips, you’ll be ready to wield your new email campaign coding knowledge. Let’s begin!

What is HTML Email Marketing for Dealerships?

Email ChartPut simply, HTML emails mimic the design and feel of a web page. From graphics and charts to clickable links, and more. HTML email marketing for dealerships allows you to enhance what would be a plain text email and increase the opportunities for more customer engagement through its improved layout.

In addition, each aspect of HTML email campaigns can be adjusted to fit the personality of your dealership’s brand. As a result, your current customers will know exactly who the email is coming from, which makes them more likely to take a minute to read the enclosed message or offer.

HTML in automotive email marketing provides yet another layer of engagement in relation to prospective leads and individuals who may not be familiar with your dealership.

Thanks to the eye-catching visuals included in HTML emails, readers who don’t know your brand will be met with attractive graphics rather than blocks of plain text.

All in all, the design of HTML automotive email campaigns makes your dealership’s advertisements easier and more pleasant to skim.

Benefits of HTML Automotive Email Marketing

Email Marketing Techniques Aside from its impactful presence, automotive email strategies that use HTML coding offer a variety of other benefits that help it outpace traditional plain text email. Take a look at some of the advantages that come with a well-built HTML email:

Video Support

HTML templates make it even easier for your dealership’s team to add videos to your automotive marketing emails. For the most part, these platforms allow you to drag and drop the video you want your subscribers to see into the template.

That way, you can send your newest customers a welcome video or provide potential leads with a virtual tour of a new vehicle that just landed in your showroom.

Improved Conversions

Plain text email campaigns don’t offer the same visual appeal and clear instructions as HTML email marketing. With the enhanced graphics allowed by HTML, your calls-to-action and links will be evident to your readers.

The easier it is for your consumers to take the action that you’re hoping for, the more likely they are to click.

Result Tracking

Email TrackingUltimately, your audience’s response to your HTML email campaign is what matters most. Well, HTML templates equip you with tracking tools and email reports that give you team more information about how each of your automotive marketing strategies performs.

So, regardless if you’re looking to see where your readers are clicking in your email or want to compare the performance of multiple campaigns, HTML emails serve up key insights into your audience’s response.

Understanding HTML in Automotive Email Marketing: Learn More Today!

At Aspen Automotive, we believe that every email that your dealership sends to your customers should be as unique and action provoking as your brand.

Luckily, our automotive email marketing masters are equipped with simple HTML email templates that allow us to customize every detail of your advertisement. Ready to build a next-level email strategy for your dealership? Give us a call or send us an email today!