Marketing for Automotive in 2020

Automotive Marketing What does success for your dealership look like in 2020? Well, to answer this, we must first consider the state of automotive marketing.

Where does the car-buyer’s journey begin? What marketing tactics enhance lead generation? These are all imperative questions to answer before embarking on an automotive marketing campaign.

Fortunately, the advertising advisors at Aspen Automotive have all the tools of the trade to help you create a data-driven marketing strategy that’s built to succeed in 2020. Let’s get started on our guide to modern automotive marketing.

1.)Increased Online Car Shopping

Online Car ShoppingAccording to Google™, “95 percent of vehicle buyers use digital as a source of information. In fact, twice as many start their research online versus at the dealer.”1

Due to this rising trend, it’s more important than ever for dealerships to present themselves as a key resource to buyers while also making it easy for their customers to browse their inventory online.

To harness this trend, it’s important to provide potential car buyers with digital resources that allow them to either tour their favorite models or purchase a vehicle outright online. In addition, such tools can easily be paired with other automotive marketing strategies, such as direct mail.

In particular, if your dealership is launching a new platform that allows consumers to purchase a vehicle online, you should keep them in the know by sending them a direct mailer that gives them more information about the new tool and how they can use it.

2.)Video Marketing for the Win

These days, automotive marketing campaigns must have depth. What do we mean by that? Due to the multitude of marketing methods available in 2020, it’s important to reach audiences with more than just your everyday advertising approaches afford.

For instance, consumers spend 88 percent more time on websites that offer video.2 Furthermore, customers retain 95 percent of a message that’s presented in a video format as opposed to the 10 percent they can recall when that same message is read in text.2

With the enhanced memorability and reach provided by video marketing, it’s time for your dealership to start thinking about the ways in which you can implement such a platform onto your website.

3.)Keep Up with Web Traffic

Dealer TrafficFollowing our point above, the best way to understand the automotive marketing content that’s having the most impact on your customers is to monitor your dealership’s website and fill it with content that generates leads.

To achieve your dealership’s website lead generation goals, you need to take a closer look at which pages are performing best. That will tell you more about what your targeted audience is interested in and what changes you should make to the other parts of your site.

One of the most effective ways to find that out is by running a few simple tests. All you have to do is test out a few new website page formats and content platforms to identify which techniques receive the most traffic.

That way, you’ll have the necessary insight required to build a website that’s tailored to your audience’s browsing habits and preferences.

4.)Harness the Power of Voice Search

According to PwC, 74 percent of consumers use mobile voice assistants at home.3 Moreover, by 2021, it’s estimated that 122.7 million people will use voice search at least once a month.4

Whether these individuals are using voice search while cooking, cleaning, or just multitasking, it’s essential for your dealership to prepare for the mobile voice search revolution. Here’s how:

Write how people speak…

Dealer Website Of all the voice search optimizing tips, this one is the most crucial. Due to the fact that voice searches tend to be longer than text searches, you’ll want to optimize any copy on your website to reflect the way people naturally speak.

Focus your copy on longtail keywords that rank highly in search engines. Doing so will improve the chances that your dealership’s website will show up as a top resource for voice searches.

Likewise, you’ll want to produce resources that answer any commonly asked questions that are related to the car-buying experience. That way, your dealership’s site will appear as a result when they ask a question using voice search.

Create an FAQ page…

Speaking of questions, FAQ pages are endlessly valuable to potential customers. Rather than having to find answers to questions that they have about your dealership by messaging or calling your team, FAQ pages provide them with the information they’re looking for based on a simple voice search.

To create an effective FAQ page, you’ll want to gather customer and SEO data so that you can include popular voice search terms from your targeted audience. Then, the rest is as simple as building out the answers to those questions and waiting to see how the page performs.

Optimizing Your Marketing for Automotive in 2020: Learn How Today!

To keep your finger on the pulse of automotive marketing trends in 2020, you need a team of advertising experts at your side. Luckily, the auto marketing gurus at Aspen Automotive stay ahead of the curve so that dealerships across the country can stay ahead of the game.

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