2021 Direct Mail Marketing Trends

Direct Mail Marketing A new year brings new trends in direct mail marketing. At Aspen Automotive, we aim to keep you ahead of the marketing curve, which is why we’ve created this guide on the 2021 direct mail marketing trends.

Curious to learn more about what you can expect in this year? Keep reading!

1). Expect More Personalization

Response RatePersonalization was always one thing that set direct mail apart from digital marketing. It was always easier to fine-tune physical mail based on geo-location, credit score, and other demographic categories that can lead to higher ROIs.

In 2021, it’s expected that personalization will no longer be a suggestion and will become more of a necessity with direct mail marketing. It’s recommended to, instead of mass printing the same mailer, better customize each mailer for the recipient.

2). Promotional Discounts at the Post Office

If you haven’t already started experimenting with merging your direct mail with other channels, now’s the time to do so. It’s said that the USPS is offering a two percent discount for mailers that incorporate new and emerging marketing technologies.1

Types of emerging marketing that these promotions apply to include:

  • Personalized Color Transpromo
  • Emerging & Advanced Technology
  • Informed Delivery
  • Mobile Shopping

These promotions are run throughout the year, so you’ll want to stay current on each month’s promotional period.

3). Think Outside the Box: Overcome Screen Fatigue

Direct Mail ResultsWith many individuals moving to a work-from-home environment in 2020, many are in need of offline engagement to overcome screen fatigue. Your dealership should think of ways to use direct mail marketing to get individuals away from screens.

Think of physical ways you can market to them, like participatory campaigns. At-home test drives or mobile service appointments are a great way to send out direct mail campaigns that will get individuals away from their screen and physically interacting with your dealership.

4). Incorporate Sensory Experiences

With a discount on tactile, sensory, and interactive engagement through USPS from February through July, now’s the perfect opportunity to incorporate sensory experiences into your direct mail marketing campaign. This type of marketing uses as many of the five senses as possible with the goal of encouraging longer physical interaction with your mailer.

Some ways you can achieve this are through:

  • Post-it notes
  • Magnets
  • Pens

Now’s also the perfect time to experiment with different colors, types of paper, and ink types.

5). Double Down on Data Solutions

Tracking DataThere’s a chance that 2020 altered your marketing list. There was a positive trend in car buying throughout most of 2020, leading experts to believe that people who may have previously taken public transportation or used ride shares decided to purchase a vehicle to limit their exposure to other people.2

With more people looking for vehicles and in need of service, now’s the perfect time to double down on data solutions to fine-tune your marketing list. You may see that there are now more car owners within a certain radius of your dealership or more first-time car buyers who need extra help with the necessary steps to keeping their vehicle healthy for longer.

Get Help with your 2021 Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

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