6 Benefits of Aspen’s In-House Production Facility

In-House Production Benefits

Imagine the most convenient version of direct mail production. Does it involve numerous calls to outsourced printers to confirm that your intended design has been implemented without a hitch? What about having to stuff and seal endless envelopes yourself before heading to the post office?

Probably not, right? Instead, it likely involves an in-house production facility where your team can oversee every stage of the automotive direct mail creation process from start to finish.

Well, that’s exactly the kind of hands-on control you’ll have over each detail of your next automotive marketing campaign by partnering with the team of marketing masters at Aspen Automotive.

Thanks to our cutting-edge in-house production facility, you’ll reap the benefits of light-speed turnaround and custom design capabilities for each of your future automotive direct mail strategies.

To help you get a better idea of how our in-house production studio streamlines your direct mailers, we’ve put together a list of six benefits that our studio provides. Let’s take a look!

1.) Printing Priority

Benefits of in-house productioYou like to be treated like you’re the only client, right? Luckily, our in-house direct mail production facility allows our team to put your needs first.

So, if you find yourself behind schedule with the design portion of your next automotive marketing campaign, or you need mailers sent out right away about a new financing promotion, our printing managers can get your mailers into production as quickly as possible.

Depending on the materials and printing requirements of your campaign, our production facility prides itself on completing most projects within 72 hours, which includes creation, printing, and delivery to the post office.

The mailers you and our design team come up with will be in the hands of your current and potential clients in little to no time at all, meaning you’ll be seeing the benefits of your direct mail right away.

That isn’t the only advantage of our quick turnaround time, however. For your automotive dealership, this means there’s a shorter amount of time between rolling out your campaign and planning your next big idea.

2.) Personalization and Customization

Looking to create an automotive direct mailer that’ll make your dealership stand out from the crowd? If so, our in-house production center is ready to cater to the unique vision of your brand.

Due to the fact that our team has worked with over 10,000 dealerships across the United States and Canada, we’re familiar with tailoring our print production process to align with your preferences.

Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that each of your printing jobs is completed with the highest-quality standards. These machines, like our printers, make it possible to produce vivid 4-color prints and ink jetting. When machines can’t provide the highest quality possible, we’ll get the job done with our custom handwork.

Thanks to these features, the sky is the limit for your auto direct mail options. Some of the other capabilities offered at our production center include:

  • Document lasering
  • Folding and inserting
  • Collating and sealing
  • Metering and more

Thanks to our equipment and attention to detail, not only can you expect the highest-quality materials with the most vivid colors being sent out, but you can also rest easy, knowing our team will handle every aspect of your print job. This also includes sending all packaged materials to the post office for you.

3.) Lower Costs

Benefits of in-house productionWith the improved efficiency and hands-on approach of an in-house production facility, your team can also benefit from lower costs. Instead of opting for an outsourced commercial printer, every aspect of your automotive direct mailers is overseen by the staff at Aspen.

As a result, you’ll avoid processing fees and other costs while also controlling the types of ink and paper used for the final product. So, you’ll end up with the direct mailers that fit your vision and budget.

In addition, our facility is built to manage any type of printing job, even if you have a specific number of mailers that you want to send out. Therefore, you won’t be paying for mailers that you don’t need.

Another way that our team can help lower the cost of your direct mailers is by following Walk Sequence guidelines.

A Walk Sequence is a way to save money on postage by pre-sorting alphabetically by street, address, and more. This discounted rate is only offered when large amounts of mail are being sent out at one time, which is exactly what we’re helping you with.

Plus, since our in-house production facility provides you with the benefit of packaging all of your mail, we’ll gladly take this extra step to provide you with even larger savings.

4.) More Flexibility

Each of our clients has unique needs, which is part of the reason why we created an in-house production center. By designing a printing process that’s flexible, you can make last-minute decisions or send our team a split-second request with total confidence that we’ll get it completed within your dealership’s timeline.

So, if you need that limited-time model offer, a tax season promotion, automotive service reminders, or whatever else you’re looking to land in your customers’ mailboxes by the beginning of the following week, we’ll pull out all the stops to get the job done.

Again, this is possible because there is never any outsourcing. From the moment you’re ready to start a direct mail campaign and brainstorm ideas with our marketing experts, speak with our design specialists on what the most eye-catching design is, and have your mail delivered to your clients’ mailboxes, everything is done all in one location.

5.) Integrated Approach

Of course, the benefits don’t end there. Having a production printer in-house offers all sorts of additional perks. In particular, with our in-house facility, you’ll enjoy:

  • The ability to schedule and prioritize production
  • Greater control over output through the entire process
  • Personalization of marketing materials via digital color matching
  • High-volume printing at high speeds (this means more efficient printing with less waste—a factor in the lower costs we mentioned earlier)

In the marketing world, reducing your number of vendors is a great way to streamline your marketing services and spend less time thinking about them.

With Aspen’s in-house production, that’s exactly what you’ll experience. Our integrated approach to print, mail, and postage really does result in a host of benefits.

For instance, we take the time to make sure your direct mail campaigns and point-of-sale materials are always on brand with your dealership. They should reflect the unique character of your business, and we’ll work to make it so.

6.) Produce More than Just Mailers

Benefits of in-house productionSure, direct mail content is a major aspect of what we do. However, we create more for our clients than simply mailers. Our team can help you build the events and programs that drive customers to your dealership—and that goes beyond what you may think of when you think “direct mail.”

For instance, we offer options that include:

  • Pop-card promotions
  • PURL (personalized URL programs)
  • Loan/finance programs
  • OEM marketing programs

We can help you craft interactive direct mail campaigns—the kind that encourage mail recipients to take an active role in the process and respond to the mail you’ve sent.

These could include customer surveys. What better way to encourage visitors to your dealership than to share their opinions about their experience?

The Rise of QR Codes

When it comes to interactivity, customer services are just the tip of the iceberg. QR codes are now commonly used to drive more direct mail recipients to the showroom.

The avenues are virtually endless when it comes to what you can do with a QR code. Use it to give your prospects a virtual tour of upcoming or recently released models, show them your latest deals and promotions, or simply connect them to your site.

Our in-house production facility has kept up with the latest developments in direct mail. We’re so much more than a printing press, and we’re eager to show you the full extent of our capabilities!

From Design to Production in a Snap

Benefits of in-house production

One of the most compelling reasons to use our in-house production facility is the ease with which your mailers can move from design to production. Once again, integration yields incredible efficiencies.

Our award-winning design team is here to breathe life into your direct mail concepts—and in a way that’s sure to snag the attention of recipients. We’ll help you create content that is:

  • 100% customizable to fit your vision
  • Cleverly attention-grabbing
  • Compelling and vibrant

Learn More about Our In-House Production Facility

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as finishing up an automotive direct mail campaign that’s been handled by a cost-effective, efficient, and client-focused production center.

Fortunately, ensuring a successful and satisfying automotive marketing production experience is as simple as teaming up with Aspen Automotive and our in-house production facility. Get started on your next printing project by giving us a call or sending us an email today!