Benefits of Mass Mailing Consistently or Repeatedly

Benefits of mass mailing

There are many benefits to utilizing bulk mail, and at Aspen Automotive, we want to help you understand how they apply to you. The most critical benefit? Bulk mailing prices are significantly lower than single piece prices. This may help you save, even as you expand your direct mail campaign.

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4 Benefits of Mass Mailing

Mass mailing benefits

1) Lower rates

If you’ve ever bought anything in bulk, you know that you can usually get those items at a discount. Well, the same principle applies to direct mail. Snag those lower rates per piece mailed when you commit to mailing more.

2) Larger ROI

The verdict is in—direct mail is one of the best methods of direct marketing. Over 90 percent of people open their physical mail daily. In other words, your mailers are likely to be read soon after they arrive.

When you mail consistently and repeatedly, there’s another built-in benefit. For those recipients who have a backlog of mail, you can ensure that your offer remains quite literally “top of mind” (at the top of the mail pile), so it always comes first. If you mail just once, other offers that arrive after yours could take priority.

Yes, direct mailers may cost more to send out than marketing emails. However, your physical mail is more likely to get read and acted upon, which could mean a better return on investment (ROI), despite a larger initial investment.

3) Reach more customers

Bulk mail does more than repeatedly reach individual recipients. It also offers you the opportunity to reach a larger number of customers! Keep in mind that bulk mailing is typically more affordable, so the savings may allow you to send out even more mail.

4) The rule of repetition

Sure, repeated mailings make it more certain that a recipient will see your direct mail in their mailbox. There’s more to repetition than that, however. Regular, repeated mailings—say, once every 30 days for a year—can help create the results you’re looking for.

People respond to repetition. They’re more likely to convert when they’ve heard your message a few times, rather than just once. Think of your mailers as the “gas tank” to the “road trip” of your larger campaign. You’ll need to fill up more than once to keep the adventure going!


Mass mailing benefits

Mailing items at bulk prices might not be the proper option for everyone. For instance, if your company does just a couple of mailings per year, it might be worth it to seek the services of a vendor, presort, or a mailing house. Why? Because mailing in bulk is an investment in learning how to prepare and sort the mail, an investment of time, and an investment of money (paying for an annual mailing charge, mailing permit, and potentially the expenses of presort software or additional equipment).

As a guide, if you’re mailing hundreds of pieces at one time, a couple of times per year, or if you’re prepared to make a one-time, large mailing—for instance, 5,000 flyers that announce an upcoming sales event—bulk mail might be an excellent deal for you. It’ll take additional time to get a bulk mailing ready, and there are charges for mailing at bulk prices. Prior to making a decision to make a bulk mailing, you should consider those expenses. The Business Mail Entry Unit office in your area may assist you in deciding if bulk mail is the proper business option for you.

In-house mailings include good ways to keep in contact with your customers, as well as to get in touch with prospects. In small business terms, mass mailings will range from sending a dozen invitations out to bulk mailing hundreds of coupons. Your organization’s message, in any case, is repeated and your organization gains forefront-of-mind familiarity.

You may do your very own mailings, or you may buy mailing lists from an outside broker. Buying customer contact details will put you in the world of direct mail.

Whether you gather your customer details yourself or purchase a list, small business mass mailings may take on several forms—a few of them more creative than others.


Benefits of mass mailing consistentlyIt’s the traditional objective of a mass mailing. You are unlikely, unfortunately, to develop a letter campaign that produces instant sales all by itself. You will have to follow up; therefore, an excellent mailer should build rapport, generate a compelling reason to contact later, as well as prepare a recipient for the follow-up. Also, sales letters are an outstanding method of following up on prospective customers and leads created at trade shows. Along with a personalized sales contact, a sales letter is an important measure in translating prospective customers into sales.


Even though flyers are not likely to result in instant orders, they should be suggestive reminders of what you offer and who you are. Flyers must be to-the-point and brief. Generally, they announce some kind of positive change within your operations or offerings, and generate curiosity about what is different and new.


Whether or not they decide to take advantage of your offer, everyone likes a discount. Special offers allow customers to know your appreciation for their company. It’ll develop customer loyalty and will draw customers closer to your company.


Because they’ll require research, informational newsletters include the most time-consuming tactic with mailing. They also, at the same time, provide the most value to your clients. Newsletters may enhance your authority and credibility in the market and are highly efficient marketing tactics. If you aren’t at ease with making a whole newsletter, type up a tip sheet or a practical advice sheet. Do not hesitate to leverage your know-how and position yourself as a specialist in your niche. Just be certain that your advice is sound.


Don’t pass up the chance to be thoughtful and courteous. Send holiday cards that have personal notes to all the people in your organization’s database. Anniversaries are also great chances to thank clients for their support.

An increasing number of businesses, of course, are turning to email to increase their efforts at mail marketing. However, at the same time, legislation on email spam is now stepping up the parameters for companies using the Web in their efforts at marketing.


At Aspen Automotive, we want to help you create the volume you need for your direct mail campaign. Our in-house production studio gets most projects out and in the mail within 72 hours after you approve your design.

When you want to explore the benefits of mass mailing repeatedly and consistently, feel free to reach out to us!