Boosting Online Car Trade-Ins

Boosting Online Car Trade-Ins

Vehicle trade-ins are an excellent way to increase a dealership’s inventory while encouraging shoppers to purchase or lease their next ride. With the continued rise in technology comes the ability for consumers to trade in their vehicles online.

Aspen Automotive can help you boost online car trade-ins with our direct mail campaigns. Learn more on this page!

Choosing Your Audience

If you’re looking to boost online car trade-ins, you’ll likely need to reach an audience who has almost finished paying off their vehicle and might begin shopping for a new one. Our automotive-focused databases have that information, which allows us to craft a direct mail campaign targeted at those consumers.

Our Aspen SureDrive Data system gathers information on your customers’ vehicles, including purchase date, whether they’ve bought or leased their vehicles, and the make/model of their car.

We also have a Lease/Loan Enders database that informs us which customers might be finishing paying off their loans and credit score.

Why Direct Mail?

Direct MailDirect mail is a marketing approach that allows you to get more eyes on your advertising. Your audience learns about the following, all in one piece of mail:

  • Who you are as a dealership
  • What you offer
  • How to contact your dealership

Mail is a physical item that people hold. It’s a lot harder to ignore compared to its virtual counterpart. Consumers are more likely to read and interact with mail. In fact, up to 90 percent of direct mail gets opened compared to only 20-30 percent of emails!1

Many Americans still look forward to getting mail. When you take a personalized approach, you grab attention and create a personal connection. At least 41 percent of Americans look forward to receiving mail.1

Direct mail also can be what you want it to be, whether that’s a small package, postcard, or pop card. Our team will help you select the best option for your campaign, so you can boost your online car trade-ins.

Interactive Direct Mail

QR CodeDirect mail campaigns can help drive traffic to your website. It can help grab someone’s attention and increase awareness of your dealership. Direct mail can even include interactive components, which make it easy to access your website.

Our direct mail accomplishes this by using smartphone-compatible components, like:

  • QR Codes
  • Personalized URLs (PURLs)

QR Codes can be scanned to take potential customers directly to a page about trading in their vehicle. They can learn how and even begin the process on the page they’ve been linked to.

PURLs create a customized web address for your direct mail campaign. This personalized approach creates a better relationship with your consumer and a higher chance of conversion because you can customize the page to your audience.

PURLs can include a potential customer’s name and lead them to a personalized page on vehicle trade-ins with information about how to trade in their vehicle and current models they might purchase.

Learn More About How We Can Help Your Dealership Boost Online Car Trade-Ins

From data-driven solutions to targeted, interactive direct mail pieces, Aspen Automotive is here to help you boost your online trade-ins. Our team is ready to put together a mailing list and help you increase engagement and grow your online vehicle trade-ins.

Contact us to learn more!