What Is Interactive Marketing?

Interactive Marketing

With all the technology available today, you would expect that advertisers should be able to appeal to what consumers want. One way to do this is through interactive marketing.

Aspen Automotive has the tools to do that through direct mail campaigns. You’ll be able to reach specific customers in their mailbox with a personalized touch and interactive component that keeps them engaged.

An Introduction to Interactive Marketing

Lease and LoanSo, what is interactive marketing? Interactive marketing is a marketing style that centers on the consumers’ needs and is kickstarted by the customer’s actions. With interactive marketing, you’ll want to take a customer-centered approach to your direct mail campaign.

To gather the information needed for interactive marketing campaigns, Aspen Automotive has helpful databases, including:

  • Aspen SureDrive Data
  • Real Time Credit Score Data
  • Dealer Data Download
  • Lease/Loan Enders

You can learn more about the customers you’re interested in targeting using these databases.

For example, if you want to encourage drivers to purchase SUVs, targeting drivers with families whose payments or lease terms are almost complete is helpful. Those customers may be ready to begin shopping for a new vehicle, and you’ve now offered your services.

Types of Interactive Marketing

Several types of interactive marketing can be done through direct mail.

Personalized Content

Personalized EmailsPersonalized content grabs your customer’s attention and creates an individualized experience for your customer. This can be done in direct mail through personalized URLs (PURLs). Following this URL brings your customer to a page created specifically for them, whether that’s a vehicle trade-in page or a page highlighting off-roading vehicles.

Personalized content can also be used directly on the direct mail piece. You can tailor the content to your customer.

Interactive Storytelling

Interactive storytelling helps you engage your customer. Infographics on direct mail can help you communicate your message. You can also use a QR Code or link to direct the consumer to your website with a video or blog.

Two-Way Interaction

Two-way interaction allows the customers to engage with your dealership. Through direct mail, this can be a QR Code that takes you to a quiz or a poll on your website. Payment calculators are a good option for pieces about financing.

The goal is to create an experience for the customer that makes your business memorable.

Layered Information

If you want to convey a lot of information to a customer, layered information is a helpful tool. Use short sections to dig into details, making it easy to read and engaging.

Benefits of Interactive Marketing

Direct MarketingInteractive marketing has several benefits. When you’re planning to meet a customer’s specific needs with your direct mail, you’re more likely to get conversions. It might also be a smoother transition for customers from interest to purchase.

Marketing raises brand awareness. However, when you combine brand awareness with a personalized approach to direct mail, you’re putting yourself in front of the customer in a memorable way. The potential customer is more likely to remember your dealership when it comes time to find their next vehicle.

Learn More About Interactive Marketing

Are you interested in seeing how interactive marketing can enhance a direct mail campaign? Our team at Aspen Automotive is here to help. We’ll work with you to create an interactive direct mail campaign that helps you get more ROI and more customers to your dealership.

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