Automotive Marketing Trends of 2022

Automotive Marketing Trends of 2022

Like the latest TikTok dance or fall fashions, automotive marketing is constantly changing and even has its own trends. These trends can affect how well your dealership stands out from the crowd online and in other marketing venues.

Aspen Automotive is covering some of the top automotive marketing trends of 2022 to help dealerships succeed in their next marketing campaign. If you’re interested in applying any of these trends to your next automotive campaign, speak to our team!

Optimize for Mobile Users

When someone wants to search for something online, they often reach for the nearest device—often a smartphone. Smartphones allow consumers to search on the go and conveniently do it immediately.

A website that’s optimized for mobile devices makes it easier for your customer to navigate and more likely that they’ll spend time on those pages.

Stay Current Through Content

Stay Current Through ContentContent is still one of the best ways to advertise your content. Search engines prioritize informative content that can aid a lead in their search. Leads are more likely to turn into customers when they find the content you provide to be helpful.

The type of content you can employ ranges. Informative information on the vehicles in your inventory, the buying or leasing process, and other services you offer can help your customer stay in the know.

Some of the content on your website may include videos. Videos can help you show your inventory, explore highlights of vehicles, and explain harder-to-understand topics.

Personalize the Car Buying Experience

Personalized direct mail marketingWith so many options for car buying or leasing, the customer experience has become even more important. This can start with a personalized car-buying experience. Personalization can happen at a couple of points in the buying process, starting with advertising for your dealership.

Personalized direct mail marketing can engage the customer from the beginning. You can include their name, QR Codes, and personalized URLs, which take your lead to a landing page that addresses their specific vehicle needs.

You can follow up this personalization experience with AI chats on your website that can answer questions while a lead explores your website. Your sales associates can also take a personalized approach when you’re scheduling test drives and helping a customer select their next vehicle.

Prepare for Voice Searches

Smartphones, tablets, and even computers come with voice capability now. More and more, consumers are turning to voice recognition to conduct searches. That includes for their next vehicle.

Preparing your dealership’s content for voice searches can help you attract more leads. This might include adding long-tail keywords to content or including a section that focuses on answering common questions.

Stay Up to Date With Aspen Automotive

As you prepare to plan your next automotive marketing campaign, the team at Aspen Automotive is here to help. We will help you create direct mailers with personalized content and help drive leads to your dealership. Our team can even help you design mailers and create microsites to drive traffic from our mailers. Contact us to get started today.