Using Direct Mail to Create the Best Car Marketing Campaign

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a tried-and-true method of marketing that still grabs attention in the modern age. Direct mail may be the way to go if you want to create the best marketing campaign for your dealership!

Aspen Automotive has a team of direct mail experts who have offered some of their recommendations on using direct mail to create the best automotive marketing campaign. Give this page a read and reach out to our team if you have questions or want to start your direct mail marketing campaign!

Make Your Direct Mail Stand Out

Women opening mailAdvertisements are part of our everyday lives. We see them on the internet, television, and radio. Your marketing campaign needs to stand out. Direct mail has a unique quality to it—it’s tangible. When someone receives direct mail, they can pick it up, hold it, and take it inside their home.

On average, advertising mail is kept in a household for 17 days.1 This provides multiple opportunities for customers to look at your mailer, create an association, and act on your advertisement.

Want to make your direct mail stand out from other letters someone might receive? You can. Create your mailer with:

  • Unique size
  • Color
  • Easy-to-read graphics

A mailer that stands out grabs your customer’s attention right away.

Personalize Your Direct Mail

Women Opening EmailDirect mail allows you to personalize your marketing campaign. Personalization increases brand awareness while directly addressing your customer’s potential needs. Two common ways to personalize direct mail include:

  • Personalized URL (PURL)
  • QR Code

PURLs allow you to create a URL that leads to your dealership’s website that can include a lead’s name. They’ll then be taken to a landing page with their name and specific needs. For example, you can create a page showing your SUV inventory if they’re shopping for a new SUV.

QR Codes work similarly. These codes will take a customer to a site page you’ve created.

You can also personalize mail by addressing customers directly and providing an offer that meets their needs without including a digital component.

Use Data to Target Your Direct Mail Campaign

Data TargetingIf you want to personalize mail, how do you get that information? You might need some automotive databases to lend a land. Aspen Automotive has several automotive databases that help us target customers based on their demographics and vehicle information.

Are you interested in creating a marketing campaign to move some family-sized SUVs? Our Automotive databases, including Aspen SureDrive Data and Lease/Loan Enders, can help you target families with good credit scores who may be approaching the end of the lease or loan. You can even gather information on the vehicle they’re driving currently, down to the trim level!

This data-focused approach to marketing ensures a higher ROI and helps you convert leads to customers.

Kickstart Your Next Direct Mail Campaign With Aspen Automotive

Are you ready to start planning your next automotive direct mail campaign? If you want to learn more about increasing your ROI and how direct mail can work for your dealership, reach out to our team at Aspen Automotive. Aspen Automotive will help you create your dealership’s best car marketing campaign, from design to personalization, to a meld with technology.

Contact us to get started today.